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Soon Hee Newbold
Occupationfilm producer, director, actress, screenwriter, composer, musician

Soon Hee Newbold is an American composer, conductor, musician, and actress.

Early life[edit]

Newbold was adopted as an infant and grew up in Frederick, Maryland with two sisters. She began playing piano at age five and violin at age seven winning prestigious competitions and performing as a concert artist at an early age.[1] As a soloist and in professional orchestras throughout the world, Newbold appeared in venues such as Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Wolf Trap, Disney World, Aspen Music Festival and School, and Tanglewood and in many countries throughout the world.[2]

Newbold attended Frederick High School[3] where her interests included science, languages, and drama. She studied German, French, and Russian and completed an internship in AIDS and Cancer research at the National Institutes of Health in Fort Detrick, Maryland under Dr. David Derse.[4] Newbold received her Bachelor of Music degree from James Madison University[5] where she concentrated on film scoring, orchestration, and audio production. During college, she also performed in professional symphonies in Virginia, Maryland, and New York and was the winner twice of the JMU School of Music Concerto Competition performing Violin Concerto (Khachaturian) her Freshman year and Tzigane by Ravel as a Senior.[6]


Upon graduation, Newbold worked in entertainment for Walt Disney World and performed in various symphonies in Florida. She also produced albums and wrote for recording projects and ensembles. As an actress, Newbold expanded her experiences to film and television. She got her first break in the film, The Waterboy, starring Adam Sandler, and first major role in the family comedy, Camp Tanglefoot with Gregg Russell, Drew Seeley, and Michael Andrew. Published through the FJH Music Company, Newbold’s compositions can be heard around the world in film, orchestras, and other performing groups.[7] She frequently travels around the world as a guest composer and conductor[8] and her works have been performed at Carnegie Hall,[9] Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and the Midwest Clinic.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Newbold currently lives in Southern California with her husband. She works in film, television, and commercial projects as a producer, actress, composer, and musician. Newbold is also a proficient martial artist and trained in various weapons. She has a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do,[11] 2nd degree black belt in Hapkido,[12] and a black belt in Kigumdo (Korean swords)[13] similar to Kendo. Her mother was diagnosed with Huntington's disease, a terminal, devastating genetic neurological illness for which there is little treatment and no cure. Newbold wrote the song Endless Dreams, and dedicated it to those affected by Huntington’s to spread awareness and hope.[14]



Year Title Role Notes
1998 The Waterboy Mud Dog Cheerleader
1999 Camp Tanglefoot: It All Adds Up Rachel
Violinist Music Video, a pop ballad by Colombian singer Shakira
2004 Killing Cupid Venom
2005 Alien Invasion Arizona Cindi Lee
The Nowhere Man Coroner, Dr. Wang
Lethal (film) Technician
2013 Bounty Killer (film) Vio Lin
2014 Forever Home: A Glimpse Into Dog Rescue Herself Documentary Short


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