Soopa Villainz

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Soopa Villainz
Soopa Villainz.jpg
Soopa Villainz members Mr. Heart, Mr. Diamond, Mr. Spade, and Mr. Club
Background information
Origin Detroit, Michigan
Genres Hip hop
Years active 2002–2005
Labels Psychopathic Records
Associated acts Krazy Klan, Natas, Insane Clown Posse
Past members Mr. Heart (Lavel)
Mr. Diamond (Joseph Bruce)
Mr. Spade (Esham Smith)
Mr. Club (Joseph Utsler)

Soopa Villainz was an American hip hop supergroup based in Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 2002, the group consisted of Psychopathic Records-associated rappers Joseph Bruce (Mr. Diamond), Joseph Utsler (Mr. Club), Esham (Mr. Spade), and Lavel (Mr. Heart). The songs of Soopa Villainz center thematically on nefarious actions conducted by comic book supervillains. The group disbanded in 2005 after Esham and Lavel left the label.


The group made their debut appearances in 2002 on Esham's Acid Rain and Insane Clown Posse's The Wraith: Shangri-La.[1][2] Later that year, the group released the Halloween single "Silence of the Hams."[3] In 2005, they released their debut album Furious.[4] The album peaked at number 9 on the Billboard "Top Independent Albums" chart, number 42 on the "Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums" chart, and number 92 on the Billboard 200.[5][6]

Following a disagreement with the label, Esham and Lavel left Psychopathic Records in October, effectively disbanding the Soopa Villainz.[7] During the ICP 2016 GOTJ on July 22, 2016 it was announced that at the GOTJ 2017 there may be a Soopa Villainz reunion.[8] The next day on July 24, 2016 Esham announced via social media that he will not be performing at another GOTJ again, stating "I will not follow in someone else's shadow".[9]



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