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Discipline Philosophy, Humanities
Language English
Edited by Purushottama Bilimoria, Patrick Hutchings, Saranindra Tagore
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Springer Science+Business Media for University of Melbourne Dept. of Philosophy (Australia)
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ISSN 0038-1527
OCLC no. 2577658

Sophia is an academic journal devoted to professional pursuits in philosophy, metaphysics, religion and moral thinking, founded in 1962 by Max Charlesworth and Graeme de Graaf. From 2001 Sophia was published by Ashgate Publishing in collaboration with the Australasian Society for Philosophy of Religion and Theology, and Australasian Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy (University of Melbourne and Deakin University respectively). The journal has since moved to Springer in Dordrecht, with its editorial office split between Melbourne, Australia and both coasts of the United States. The Editors-in-Chief are Purushottama Bilimoria, Patrick Hutchings, and Jay Garfield.

Together with the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, it is one of the most prominent Australasian (meaning, Australia, New Zealand, The Pacific, Singapore, & H K) journals in the areas of philosophy, ethics and religion It prides itself in its rigorously scholarly profile, which is reflected in the international composition of its editorial board and the diverse philosophical traditions in which its contributors work, ranging from analytic, continental, to Asian/cross-cultural, feminist and indigenous concerns.

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