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For other uses of "Sophie", see Sophie (disambiguation).
Gender Female
Derivation from Greek Σοφία
Meaning Sonsa
Region of origin Greek
Other names
Related names Sonia
A Russian icon depicting Sophia, the Holy Wisdom.
A depiction of Saint Sophia the Martyr with her three martyred daughters Faith, Hope and Charity.
Personification of wisdom (in Greek, "Σοφία" or "Sophia") at the Celsus Library in Ephesus, Turkey.

Sophia, also spelled Sofia, is a female name derived from σοφία, the Greek word for "Wisdom". The name was used to represent the personification of wisdom.


Sophia has been a popular name throughout the Western world. It is the most popular given name for girls in the US for 2012.[1] Sophie was the fifth most popular name for girls in Australia in 2013.[2]

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  • Sofia, bossa nova singer from the Philippines
  • Sofia, born Sofia Berntson, Swedish singer


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