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Sophia Grojsman (born 8 March 1945 in Lubcha, Belarus) is a Belarus-born American perfumer. Many of the perfumes created by her are based on the scent of rose.[1] Grojsman is a Vice President of International Flavors and Fragrances, a perfume and scent company whose annual sales exceed two billion dollars (USD).[2]

Early years and education[edit]

Sophia Grojsman started her life in Belarus, a former Soviet state. Her family moved to Poland when she was fifteen, and she received a Bachelor of Science degree in analytical inorganic chemistry there. In 1965, Grojsman immigrated to the United States and a year later began to work at International Flavors and Fragrances as a lab assistant.[2]


In 1994, Sophia Grojsman received the Cosmetic Executive Women's Achiever Award for her lifetime contributions to perfumery.[3] She also received the Living Legend Award from the American Society of Perfumers in 1996,[3] and again in 1999 Grojsman was honored by the Cosmetic Executive Women for her lifetime achievements in the fragrance industry.


Among the best-selling fragrances that Grojsman has created:[4]


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