Sophia Wayne Capwell

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Sophia Capwell
Judith McConnell as Sophia Capwell (1985)
Santa Barbara character
Portrayed by Rosemary Forsyth (1984)
Judith McConnell (1984–93)
First appearance Episode 4
August 2, 1984
Last appearance Episode 2137
January 15, 1993
Created by Bridget and Jerome Dobson
Other names Dominic
Occupation CEO of Armonti Enterprises
Residence Santa Barbara, California

Sophia Capwell (maiden name Wayne, previously Armonti and Mathis) is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. The character was first played by Rosemary Forsyth when the character was just named Dominic and in a disguise. Forsyth played the role from August 2 to October 26, 1984, when she was replaced by Judith McConnell, who permanently took over the role on October 29, 1984 and played it until the show's end on January 15, 1993.

Character background[edit]

When a man named Dominic emerged in Santa Barbara and started working on helping Joe Perkins prove his innocence in the murder of Channing Capwell Jr., nobody knew that the person hiding behind the disguise was actually Sophia Capwell, a woman that was supposed to be dead and buried after falling off the Lockridge yacht. Sophia was convinced that Channing was shot by her lover Lionel Lockridge. She tries to reach out to her children, first Kelly, then the others, while her husband's son Marcello Armonti followed her to town and started working on getting his revenge on C.C. Capwell, Sophia's ex-husband. Sophia reached out to her children and slowly tried to build a bond with them, but it took her a long time before some of them were able to forgive her for disappearing for so many years.

When things finally started to get better, and Marcello was hauled off to jail, Sophia was finally able to get closer to her family again. In a reconstruction of the events that took place on the day of Channing's death, Sophia came to a shocking realization that she had shot her son, not knowing that the gun she had was loaded and that the person arriving was Channing. It came as a great shock to the family when they found out that Channing isn't even their family, and was actually switched at birth by Minx Lockridge, who switched him with Brick Wallace.

Sophia and C.C. started dating again and eventually got married after being able to put their differences aside. The problems arose for the couple when C.C.'s former wife Pamela Conrad came back to Santa Barbara. Sophia became closer to a gigolo named T.J. Daniels and decided to divorce C.C. so she'd be able to be with T.J., but Sophia and C.C. remained close friends. In 1990, Sophia's business life took a new turn when a movie director approached her with an idea to shoot a movie in which she would play the main heroine. Sophia realized in time that the movie was a copy of their family life and the movie was destroyed in the fire.

In a night that she would later regret, Sophia slept with her former lover Lionel. Gina Blake, Sophia's main enemy, used that chance to blackmail her with photos she had taken of them, but when visited by Eden's guardian angel, Sophia was able to go back in time and refuse to sleep with Lionel. Gina was shocked to realize that all of her photos don't exist anymore since the event never took place. Sophia and C.C. reunited not long after that.

Sophia was the main target of her own daughter, Eden Capwell, who was suffering from a split personality disorder which resulted in Eden shooting Sophia. Sophia spent weeks in a coma, but once she woke up she decided not to hurt her family anymore by leaving C.C. In 1992, Sophia was convinced that she found love again in Ken Mathis, but had no idea that he was actually after her fortune. Ken had a lover named Andie Klein that helped him in their plot, but they were both stopped in time by Sophia's daughter Kelly and detective Connor McCabe. Sophia found herself once again in the arms of the only man she ever truly loved, C.C. Capwell.


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