Sophia of Hungary

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Sophia of Hungary
Born c. 1050
Died (1095-06-18)18 June 1095
Noble family Árpád
Spouse(s) Ulric I, Margrave of Carniola
Magnus, Duke of Saxony
Father Béla I of Hungary
Mother Richeza of Poland

Sophia of Hungary (c. 1050 – 18 June 1095) was a countess of Istria and Carniola and Duchess of Saxony.


Sophia was the daughter of King Béla I of Hungary, of the House of Árpád, and his wife Richeza of Poland.

She was engaged to Margrave William of Meissen. However, he died unexpectedly in 1062, before he could marry her. She then married his nephew Ulrich I.

After Ulrich's death in 1070, she married Duke Magnus of Saxony (d. 1106), of the House of Billung.


From her first marriage with Ulrich, she had the following children:

  • Ulrich II (d. 1112), married Adelaide of Thuringia (d. 1146)
  • Poppo II (d. 1098), married Richgard (d. 1130), the daughter of Engelbert I of Istria
  • Richardis, married Count Otto II of Scheyern (d. c. 1110)
  • Adelaide (d. 1122), married firstly Vogt Frederick II of Regensburg and secondly Count Udalschalk of Lurngau (d. 1115), a member of the Grögling-Hirschberg family
  • Walburga

From her second marriage with Magnus, she had two daughters: