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Sophie & Magaly in 1980

Sophie & Magaly was a group formed by French twin sisters Sophie and Magaly Gilles, who represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980, performing the entry "Papa Pingouin". The song ended in 9th place, gaining 56 points. However, it was a commercial success in France, where one million copies of the single were sold. Their second single, "Arlequin", sold poorly, and the German producer Ralph Siegel of the label Ariola broke the contract with them. Producer Charles Talar gave a second chance to Sophie and Magaly. However, their follow-up singles "Toi" and "Les nanas de Zorro" were equally unsuccessful, and the group disbanded shortly thereafter.

In the late 1980s, Magaly contracted HIV, and died of AIDS in April 1996. Sophie suffers from high depressive syndrome and now[when?] lives in the south of France.


  • 1980 - "Papa Pingouin"
  • 1980 - "Arlequin"
  • 1980 - "Tous les enfants du monde"
  • 1981 - "Les Nanas de Zorro"
  • 1981 - "Poupée qui chante, poupée que pleure"
  • 1981 - "Toi"
  • 1981 - "Tous les enfants chantent Noël"

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Preceded by
Jeane Manson
with "J'ai déjà vu ça dans tes yeux"
Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
Jean-Claude Pascal
with "C'est peut-être pas l'Amérique"