Sophie Auconie

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Sophie Auconie in February 2014

Sophie Briard-Auconie (born 19 August 1963 in Dugny) is a French politician, currently elected to the National Assembly representing Indre-et-Loire's 3rd constituency as a member of the Union of Democrats and Independents. She was a former Member of the European Parliament elected in the 2009 European election for the Massif Central-Centre constituency.[1]

A former member of Liberal Democracy (DL), she joined the New Centre in 2008. Since 2008, she is a municipal councillor in Tours, Indre-et-Loire.

In the 2009 European elections, she was the third candidate on the list of the presidential majority(UMP/NC/LGM) in the Massif Central-Centre region, and was elected to the European Parliament.


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