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Sophie B. Wright, 1909

Sophie Bell Wright (1866 – 6 April 1912) was a New Orleans, Louisiana, educator.

Wright was born to a formerly well-to-do family that had become impoverished as a result of the American Civil War. Wright's father, Malcolm H. Wright, was born in Dumfries in southwest Scotland. As a small child, Wright survived a fall with spinal and pelvic injuries that resulted in lifelong physical disabilities. In her teens, she began teaching. She started several free schools and the city's "Home for Incurables," a care facility for disabled and gravely ill patients.

Wright was also active in the Prison reform movement, projects to build public playgrounds, and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. She was president of the New Orleans Woman's Club, and published a collection of advice essays, Heart to Heart Talks (1908).

She was buried in Metairie Cemetery. New Orleans has a school and a street named after her as well as a statue of her on Magazine Street.

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