Sophie Dinglinger

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Sophie Dinglinger
Sophie Friederike

Died1791 (aged 54–55)
Known forMiniature painting

Sophie Friederike Dinglinger (1736–1791) was a German painter.

Life and work[edit]

Born in Dresden, Dinglinger was the daughter of goldsmith Johann Friedrich Dinglinger, and studied with Adam Friedrich Oeser. She invented a method to fix pastel to paper which was used by, among others, Dora Stock; this appears to have allowed the use of deeper colors and a naturalistic treatment of fabric. She produced miniature paintings and pastels during her career.[1] Her brothers, Johann Melchior and Georg Friedrich Dinglinger, were notable enamellists, who taught her the craft as well.[2] Henriette-Félicité Tassaert lived with Dinglinger during the start of her sojourn in Dresden.[3]


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