Sophie Elisabeth Pentz

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Sophie Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein (20 September 1619 – April 29, 1657) was a daughter and the eldest child of king Christian IV of Denmark and Kirsten Munk. She shared the title Countess of Schleswig-Holstein with her mother and siblings.

As her siblings, she was raised by her grandmother Ellen Marsvin. She was betrothed in 1620 and married on 10 October 1634 to Christian von Pentz.[1] She was her mother Kirsten Munks' favourite, and her visits to her mother during her house arrest made her father prolong Kirsten's the house arrest in 1646. Sophie Elisabeth sided with her sister Leonora Christina Ulfeldt in her conflict with the crown and took Leonora's son to her at the Swedish court in 1654. She returned to Denmark in 1656. Sophie Elisabeth is described as brutal and temperamental.