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The following is a list of characters who first appeared in the British soap opera Emmerdale in 2009, by order of first appearance.

Natasha Wylde[edit]

Mark Wylde[edit]

Theo Hawkins[edit]

Theo Hawkins
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Tom Knight
First appearance 11 February 2009
Last appearance 5 March 2009
Occupation Solicitor

Theo Hawkins is Debbie Dingle's solicitor. He appeared from 11 February 2009.

Theo Hawkins arrives in Emmerdale after being appointed by Cain Dingle - on the run since 2006 - to represent Debbie as she is charged with the murder of PC Shane Doyle. Cain pays the solicitor with the money he went on the run with in 2006. The following day, he visits Debbie in prison and believes he has a strong case to clear her. He secretly gives Debbie her mobile, which she later uses to speak to Jasmine. Later, Theo tries to persuade Debbie to plead not guilty. However, Jasmine arrives in court and admits she murdered Shane. Days later, Jasmine is sentenced to four years for manslaughter while Debbie gets six months after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice.

Tanya Callard[edit]

Tanya Callard
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Susan McArdle
Duration 2009, 2011
First appearance 12 February 2009
Last appearance 21 April 2011

Tanya Callard was Debbie Dingle's cellmate. She appeared in 2009 whilst Debbie was on remand accused of the murder of policeman Shane Doyle.

Tanya first appears on the day Debbie goes to court to hear what she is to be prosecuted for. When Debbie returns, having been told she will be tried for murder, Tanya asks her what happened, and Debbie tells her to mind her own business. A few days later, Tanya discovers a mobile phone given to Debbie by her solicitor and she refuses to give it to Debbie and stamps on it.

Tanya appears again on 21 April 2011, when Debbie's mother Charity Tate, arranges for her to go on a date with Nikhil Sharma. Charity reveals that Tanya now works as a sweet packer, implying that she now works for the Sharmas who run a confectioners. Tanya meets up with Nikhil, Charity and Nikhil's brother Jai in The Woolpack and is served by barman Bob Hope. During her appearance, Tanya and Debbie do not encounter each other and Charity seems unaware of Tanya's connection to her daughter.

Will Wylde[edit]

Will Wylde
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Oscar Lloyd
Duration 2009–2011
First appearance 16 February 2009
Last appearance 12 January 2011
Introduced by Anita Turner
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Student
Home Dartford

William "Will" Wylde is the younger son of Mark and Natasha Wylde.[1]

Will arrives in Emmerdale in February 2009, a month after his parents have bought Home Farm. He leaves his school, where he had few friends, and soon makes friends with Belle Dingle after meeting her in the grounds and become good friends. He moves to a nearby private school and is bullied when he and his family appear in Horse and Hound magazine. After his parents worry about Belle's influence is having on Will and ban him from going to a "Emmerdale Explorers" sleepover. The following morning, he goes missing. The police investigate, but Will is found by Jimmy King hiding behind a bush in the estate grounds. In August 2009, Will is kicked by a horse and is rushed to hospital where he makes a full recovery. Ryan Lamb, who unbeknownst to Will is his half-brother, saves him and Will likes him, much to his mother's horror, as Natasha knew the truth about Ryan.

In January 2010, Natasha tells Will that Mark was married to Ryan's mother Faye Lamb and that Ryan is his half-brother. Will is traumatized but still believes his father will come back. Will attempts to bond with Ryan but his brother, Nathan, forbids him from doing so. In June, Cain Dingle, Belle's half-brother, tries blackmailing the Wyldes and when Natasha refuses to pay him, Will goes missing. Natasha believes that Cain has abducted Will but they later find him in the cafe. Cain had picked Will and Belle up from school and bought them ice creams.

In July, Will is devastated when his father's body is found on the estate grounds. Will is questioned by the police about when he last saw his father and a DNA sample is taken from the family members. When Nathan is arrested, Will believes he is Mark's killer and tells him that he hates him but Nathan convinces him of his innocence. Will is shocked when Ryan is arrested and charged with the murder. During Ryan's trial, Natasha sends Will to stay with a family friend. In October, Will finds out that Natasha killed Mark after Cain drives him and Natasha to a barn where he was holding Nathan hostage. Natasha told Will to stay outside and to stop Maisie torturing Nathan to make him tell her the truth, Natasha confesses but Will overhears and despite Natasha telling him that she loves him, Will responds that he does not want her to love him, he wants his father back. After Natasha is arrested, he stays with Maisie and Nathan at Home Farm until November, when he and Maisie find out that Nathan framed Ryan. Will is disgusted with Nathan's lies and he and Maisie move into Holdgate Farm with Maisie's former boyfriend Nikhil Sharma, rejecting Nathan. Maisie and Ryan later tell Nathan to stay away from her and Will. Nikhil and Maisie grow close much to Will's discomfort. Nikhil attempts to befriend Will and buys him gifts but Will rejects them. Nikhil later gives Will a letter from Natasha but Will loses his temper and tears it up saying that he never wants to hear from his mother again. Nathan later tries to call Will on his mobile phone and he breaks it in order to stop him. Nikhil then proposes to Maisie and she later accepts, wanting to give Will some stability but Will is angry and loses his temper with Belle when she tries to comfort him. He later speaks to Ryan and suggests that they be a family together and tells him that Maisie would want that but Ryan refuses, due to him and Maisie nearly sleeping together before they discovered that they were siblings.

On 11 January 2011, Will sits in the front seat of the Home Farm landrover and when Maisie goes to speak to him he reminisces about their father and asks Maisie why Natasha killed him. Later that evening, Maisie and Nikhil hold their engagement party at Home Farm and Nikhil tries to encourage him but Will loses his temper and shouts at Nikhil and bursts into tears.

After Maisie tells Nikhil that she does not love him and breaks off their engagement, she decides that she and Will should leave Emmerdale and decide to go and stay with their Aunt in Dartford. Will goes to say goodbye to Belle and gives her a games console as a farewell present. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and he leaves. As they prepare to depart, Ryan comes to say goodbye and tells Will to call him whenever he wants. As Will and Maisie leave in their taxi, Belle runs up and shouts to Will that she loves him and he shouts back that he feels the same way about her. Their taxi drives away, taking Will and Maisie to the railway station.

Maisie Wylde[edit]

Nathan Wylde[edit]

Faye Lamb[edit]

Lizzie Lakely[edit]

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lakely was introduced as the first blind character in the soap opera. She is played by Kitty McGeever, and was later introduced as the cousin of established character, Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox), who made her first appearance back in 1996. Lizzie's first on-screen appearance aired on 28 April 2009, and in 2011, Lizzie was devastated to learn that her love interest, Derek Benrose (Stephen Bent), had raped her cousin Lisa. Lizzie's last on-screen appearance was on 28 March 2013, but it is unknown whether the character is returning to the soap. McGeever died on 16 August 2015.

Ryan Lamb[edit]

Eddy Fox[edit]

Eddy Fox
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Paul Darrow
First appearance 13 July 2009
Last appearance 3 August 2009
Occupation Roadie

Eddy Fox is an old friend of Alan Turner. He appeared in 2009.[2]

Eddy arrives in the village looking for Alan "Tank" Turner, whom he befriended through their mutual love for motorcycles and whom he has not seen for many years. He tells Alan that he is about to start a new life travelling the world on his motorbike and asks Alan to come with him. Alan accepts, but later decides not to after speaking to Edna Birch. Edna's sister, Lily Butterfield, soon gets on well with him and she decides to go travelling with him. They leave the village together on 3 August.

Michael Conway[edit]

Michael Conway
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Jamie Belman
First appearance 13 July 2009
Last appearance 1 October 2009
Occupation Supplier

Michael Conway is a supplier to the Home Farm shop, appearing between July and October 2009.

Michael first appears when visiting the shop to check the fridges he supplied are working properly. He lives in Durham. Later that day, he talks to Debbie Dingle in the cafe, and tries to chat her up. The following day, he takes his car to her garage, and they go out to lunch. He is surprised to discover that she is a single mother but introduces himself to Sarah when he sees her and Debbie going to play group. He asks Debbie out again but she says she has too much on her plate.

In early August, they begin dating and in early September, Michael admits that he has a girlfriend but still wants to see Debbie. Debbie agrees, providing she knows nothing about his other woman. However, later during a heated argument, Michael admits that he is engaged to the other woman. Debbie insists Michael choose - her or his fiancee so Michael chooses her. Cain doesn't trust Michael and is proved right when he sees a text from the best man and it is revealed that he has not called off the wedding. Cain beats Michael up, warning him to stay away from Debbie but he returns, regardless, and tells Debbie that he was too scared to admit that he hadn't called the wedding off as the ceremony is the next day. His reason for not cancelling is that his fiancée is pregnant and he felt unable to abandon his child.

Debbie and Cain go to the wedding and discover he is marrying Debbie's mother, Charity Tate. They tell Charity about Michael's affair and tell Michael that Debbie is Charity's daughter, shocking them both. Charity and Michael initially agree to go ahead but Michael calls it off on discovering Charity isn't pregnant. Michael later phones Debbie repeatedly but she doesn't take his calls, busy rebuilding her relationship with Charity and getting to know Noah.

John Barton[edit]

John Barton, played by James Thornton, made his first on screen appearance on 17 July 2009. The casting and character was announced in May 2009. John and his family are part of a new farming dynasty, who took over running Butler's Farm from the Sugden family.[3] Speaking of his new role, Thornton said "John is great because he is a farmer, a proper bloke. He is hard working and quite moral - a really good character."[3] On 28 November 2011, it was announced Thornton had decided to leave Emmerdale.[4] Of his decision to leave, Thornton said "I have had a fantastic time playing John for the past three years, but it's the longest I have ever played one part and the time now feels right to move on. I have decided to leave on a high with a big exit storyline in 2012, which I'm really excited about. I will miss all my colleagues at Emmerdale and have many very fond memories of my time in the Dales."[4]

Moira Barton[edit]

Moira Barton, played by Natalie J. Robb, made her first on screen appearance on 17 July 2009. Robb's agent asked her to audition for the role of Moira.[5] The actress auditioned alongside several different actors, including James Thornton, who was eventually cast as Moira's husband, John.[5] The Yorkshire Post describe Moria as "Fun-loving and feisty" and they said it was guaranteed she would cause a stir with the locals.[6]

Adam Barton[edit]

Adam Barton, played by Adam Thomas, made his first on-screen appearance on 17 July 2009. Jake Roche auditioned for the role of Adam, however, it was actor Adam Thomas who was eventually cast.[7] Of his character, Thomas said "Adam's a family man... Whatever his dad says, he does. The whole family is really close. Even with his sisters, he's the middle child but he wants to be the older brother and look after them all."[8]

Holly Barton[edit]

Holly Barton, played by Sophie Powles, made her first on screen appearance on 17 July 2009. Powles attended an audition and several call backs for the role of Holly.[9] Following a screen test, she was told she has won the part.[9] Powles had to dye her hair brown for the role.[9] Holly is described as being a "free spirit with a sense of adventure."[10] Powles opined Holly is "the kind of girl who will get on with anybody."[9]

Hannah Barton[edit]

Hannah Barton
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Grace Cassidy
Duration 2009–2012
First appearance 17 July 2009
Last appearance 20 June 2012
Introduced by Gavin Blyth
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Student
Shop assistant
Farm hand
Home London

Hannah Barton, played by Grace Cassidy, made her debut screen appearance on 17 July 2009. Hannah is the youngest child of John and Moira Barton. On 28 April 2012, Cassidy confirmed her departure from Emmerdale.[11] Of her decision to leave, Cassidy said "Working on Emmerdale has been one of the best periods of my life. After three years I have made so many friends here and I am going to miss them so much. However, I felt the time was right to move on as I still have so much to learn. I can't thank Stuart and the team enough for making me feel so welcome. I will never forget the opportunity I was given."[11]

Hannah arrives in the village with her family, who have purchased the Sugden's former farm. She soon gets a crush on Andy Sugden, but he rejects her saying she is too young for him. It is revealed that she is being bullied via text, however she hides this from her family who have failed to realise that she is having trouble settling in, the texts she is receiving are from her classmate Kayleigh Gibbs. In January 2010, Hannah confides in Victoria Sugden, who is aware of the texts as she has been forced into sending some herself. Eventually Hannah confronts Victoria in the Woolpack loos and is hurt when Victoria admits she and Kayleigh have been sending the texts. As result to this Hannah flushes Victoria's head down the toilet. After the fight is broken up Hannah reveals she is being bullied. Months later Hannah forgives Victoria and the two girls become friends again. In August 2010, Hannah starts a relationship with Isaac Nuttall, a student. Feeling under pressure Hannah sleeps with Isaac, but is mortified to discover their contraception had failed. Because of this and Holly's drug problem they break up.

In 2011, with the arrival of new farmhand Alex Moss, who is immediately attracted to Hannah, she sleeps with him but the relationship does not last and Alex deserts Hannah the next day. Alex later turns his attention to Victoria and they start a relationship, much to Hannah's disappointment and jealousy. Victoria becomes suspicious of Alex and Hannah's behaviour and Alex admits that he seduced Hannah and then dumped her, but Hannah gives Victoria and Alex her blessing and the two continue their relationship.

After her father's death in February 2012, Hannah begins to work more on the farm, at the same time slipping behind with her college work. It is later revealed that she failed to turn up to some of her A-level exams. When her sister Holly goes to live in London with her friend Roz Fielding, Hannah decides she had had enough of life in Emmerdale and the bad memories there, and goes with Holly to start afresh in London.

In 2016, Hannah couldn't attend Holly's funeral, although her mother informed her of her death.

Angelica King[edit]

Angelica King
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Sophie Firth (2009)
Rebecca Bakes (2009–)
Duration 2009–
First appearance 6 August 2009
Introduced by Gavin Blyth
Classification Present; recurring
Home Victoria Cottage

Angelica Mary "Angel" King is the daughter of Jimmy and Nicola King. She has appeared since 6 August 2009. Angelica is born on 6 August 2009 and is taken to the special baby unit because of breathing difficulties. She is given the all-clear twenty-four hours later. She is kidnapped by Lexi but soon returned after Jimmy, Nicola, Carl and Scarlett find Lexi and Angelica on the hospital roof.

Angelica is pushed into the middle of the road, a few days before her christening by Sally Spode due to Laurel Thomas being Angelica's godmother. Nicola immediately blames Carl's children, Thomas and Anya King, took her for a walk but Genesis Walker and Nikhil Sharma find her, much to Sally's displeasure. Angelica's christening was nearly a disaster as Jimmy is away on a work trip and returned late due to the van breaking down. Angelica's uncle and godfather Carl King missed it as he stayed with the van so Jimmy could get to the christening. Carl still becomes Angelica's godfather and swears to do anything for his niece and treat her how he should treat Thomas and Anya, his own children.

When Angelica is at Kids Klub with Nicola, she is bitten by Cathy Hope. Nicola then bit Cathy to show her how it felt to be bitten. Viv Hope Cathy's mother then takes Nicola to court for assault. Nicola is given a caution and the same day Angelica's parents marry.

Sally Spode[edit]

Vincent Spode[edit]

Vincent Spode
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Antony Byrne
First appearance 27 August 2009
Last appearance 29 October 2009
Occupation Vicar

Vincent Spode is an old colleague and rival of Ashley Thomas, who made his first appearance in the Dales in August 2009, along with his wife Sally Spode, having recently returned from conservation work in Mozambique. Vincent and Sally's marriage was later shown to be strained. Vincent had a short temper and lost it with Laurel Thomas at a dinner party. Sally soon went to Ashley and Laurel's, revealing that she had left Vincent. Shortly afterwards, Vincent arrived and confronted them, accidentally hitting Ashley. It is later revealed that Vincent has gone to a retreat in Wiltshire.

Jai Sharma[edit]

Nikhil Sharma[edit]

Priya Sharma[edit]

Priya Sharma, played by Effie Woods, made her first screen appearance on 14 September 2009.[12] The character departed in 2010, but returned the following year with Fiona Wade in the role.[13] Priya is the younger sister of Jai (Chris Bisson) and Nikhil Sharma (Rik Makarem).[12] She is a pretty, confident and outspoken woman.[14] Priya has embarked on a casual fling with Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and a relationship with David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) during her time in the village.[15][16]

Olena Petrovich[edit]

Olena Petrovich
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Carolin Stoltz
Duration 2009–2010
First appearance 9 November 2009
Last appearance 13 April 2010
Introduced by Gavin Blyth
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Cleaner and waitress
Residence Ukraine

Olena Petrovich was introduced as an illegal immigrant character in Emmerdale in November 2009.[17] She arrived in the village in the back of a haulage truck driven by Carl King and ran away, hiding in the Dingle's barn. She was found and befriended by Belle Dingle and Will Wylde. She later became friends with Sam who tended to her injured leg and offered her shelter and protection as she explained she wanted to work to send money back to her young son in the Ukraine. When Zak and Lisa eventually discovered her, she was welcomed into the Dingle homestead and Sam got her a job working at the B&B for Eric Pollard. Recently, however, she seems to have become uncomfortable at Sam's romantic advances. When Wishing Well Cottage was destroyed, she moved in with Marlon, Eli and Lizzie. In early April, Sam proposed to Olena, which she said no to, because she is doesn't have a passport. Later, Sam goes to Cain and asks him to help him get a fake passport for Olena. Zak soon learns about it and tells Olena to leave Sam alone and that when she gets her fake passport he wants her to leave the village. She and Eli soon realise that they have feelings for each other and share a kiss. Sam invites Olena to the Dingles' party celebrating Lisa's release from prison, which she accepts, but doesn't want to. Zak goes round to Tall Trees Cottage and tells her to stay away. When Olena doesn't come, Sam goes to look for her, and spots her and Eli kissing. Sam is heartbroken. Later, the UK Border Control arrive after getting an anonymous tip-off that Terry and Eric are employing people illegally. Terry doesn't know how they are employing people illegally but says Olena is polish, which he believes. Olena admits to Terry that she is Ukrainian, not Polish and doesn't have any papers. Olena is taken away by the Border Control and Sam later confesses to having reported her.


Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
4–5 February Skin Greg Wood Skin was introduced as a love interest for Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi). Leyla meets Skin while out in Hotten for the night with David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden). David and Leyla get too drunk to drive, so Skin drives them back to Emmerdale. Skin goes to Leyla's house and tries to make a pass at her, but she turns him down. The next day, Skin steals some valuables from the house. Pearl Ladderbanks (Meg Johnson) sees him and David stops him. Skin is then arrested.
19 February Tristan Foster Andrew Thomas Jones Tristan is the husband of Maisie Wylde (Alice Coulthard) and best friend to her brother, Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne). Tristan arrives in the village, following a call from Natasha Wylde (Amanda Donohoe). Maisie tells Nathan that she is growing fed up of Tristan's precise and tidy behaviour. However, she changes her mind and says she will go home with Tristan. While they are driving out of the village, Maisie changes her mind and gets out the car, and Tristan drives away.
27–28 April Trevor Bright Carl Cieka Trevor is Laurel Thomas' (Charlotte Bellamy) supervisor during her community service. Trevor is first seen when Laurel goes to pick up litter in Hotten as part of her sentence. They have a friendly relationship. The next day, Trevor greets Lizzie Lakely (Kitty McGeever), who is also doing community service, and he teases her about telling Laurel stories to play on her sympathy.
8–10 July Andrew Appleyard Patrick Bridgman When Eric Pollard's (Chris Chittell) business starts to lose business, Eric appoints Andrew as liquidator. He does not tell his workers, who he tells that the company has gone bust and he is making nothing out of it.


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