Sophie Mannerheim

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Not to be confused with Sophie Mannerheim (1895, Helsinki - 1963), daughter of C.G.E Mannerheim.
Picture of Sophie Mannerheim.

Baroness Sophie Mannerheim (1863-1928) is a famous nurse known as pioneer of modern nursing in Finland. She was daughter of a count and sister of a former Finnish President, marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.[1] Her career started as a bank employee for 6 years until she got married in 1896. After her divorce in 1902[2] she was trained in nursing at the Nightingale School at St Thomas' Hospital[3] in London. Returning home she was appointed as head nurse of Helsinki Surgical Hospital and later elected President of the Finnish Nurses' Association, a position she had for 24 years. As a result of her international involvement she was also elected President of the International Council of Nurses (ICN).[4] Sophie Mannerheim was, together with Dr Arvo Ylppö, founder of the Children's Castle[5] (Lastenlinna) hospital in Helsinki as well as the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare.