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Sophie Parkin (born 6 June 1961) is an English writer, artist and owner of


Sophie Parkin is a writer, artist and poet. She owns an artist club in East London Born in London. She was schooled at Redcliffe school, Oxford Gardens junior School, Burlington Grammar school in West London,Frensham Heights Boarding school,Surrey then Camborne School of Mines, near Redruth, Cornwall. She then attended St. Martin's School of Art Leeds Polytechnic (tutored by Jeff Nuttall) and Tony Earnshaw, then Maidstone College of Art, where she graduated with a Fine Art degree in 1982.

Sophie starred in many commercials as a child, as varied as Wall's sausages, Comfort fabric conditioner and as the Dulux girl. She also modelled in Nova magazine and The Sunday Times and appeared in Andrew Logan’s Alternative Miss World in 1979 film. She has appeared in film recently, such as the Dylan Thomas biopic The Edge of Love, directed by John Maybury and starring Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys.

She has also regularly written for British newspapers and periodicals, and appeared on television and radio as a broadcaster – on Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4. She wrote regularly for 3:AM Magazine. She has also written for The Guardian,The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Times,The Lady Magazine, Tatler,Harpers, Bonhams Magazine and The British Library. She has written obituaries in National British newspapers on Sylvia Scaffardi, Martha Hill and Dick Bradsell.

Her novels are All Grown Up (1998), Take Me Home (1999) and Dear Goddess (2000). She has also written for Picadilly Press the teen novels French for Kissing (2005), Best of Friends (2006), and Mad, Rich and Famous (2006). Other writings by her appear in Mothers by Daughters, Sons and Mothers (both published by Virago), Girls Just Want To Have Fun: the Cosmopolitan book of short stories, Best of Friendswhich she wrote and edited and POT 05 - Anthology of Poetry (ed. Michael Horovitz). In 2012, she published The Colony Room Club 1948-2008- a history of Bohemian Soho. A history of Soho's The Colony Room.[1] there are many other reviews.She used to teach creative writing at Morley College, London for 3 years. Sophie is the world's expert on Soho London in the 20th/21st Century. In May 2014 she opened in London-an arts club which encompasses The Stash Gallery. The intention was to open it with barman and friend Dick Bradsell.Dick became ill with a brain tumour and died in 2016. The name of the club is based on jazz musician Slim Gaillard dictionary of Jive slang.The gallery shows contemporary living artists and is open to the public. The private members club is painted by artists Tony Common, Morganico and Keeler&Tonero as a surrealistic wonderland. It was designed by Susan Dalgleish & Sophie Parkin. It is open to non members when ticketed events occur.

She is the sister of Sarah Lieberson and Zuleika Gerish. Daughter of the artist Molly Parkin and art dealer Michael Parkin She was married once in 2009-2017 to J.W. Vink. She has a son, Cameron(1987) and daughter (Carson).


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