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Countess Sophie of Merenberg, Countess of Torby, (1 June 1868 – 14 September 1927) was the eldest daughter of Prince Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau and Natalia Alexandrovna Pushkina.

Early life[edit]

Sophie was born at Geneva, Switzerland, the first child of Prince Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau and Natalya Alexandrovna Pushkina.[1] As the marriage of her parents was considered morganatic she was ineligible to bear her father's title or rank. Her paternal grandparents were William, Duke of Nassau and Princess Pauline of Württemberg. Her maternal grandparents were the renowned Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, and Natalya Pushkina.

Marriage and family[edit]

Grand Duke Michael Mikailovich of Russia (right) with his children (from left to right), Nadejda, Michael and Anastasia de Torby

She married morganatically, on 10 March 1891, Grand Duke Michael Mikhailovich of Russia, grandson of Nicholas I of Russia at Sanremo, Italy.[1] Sophia was later created Countess de Torby by her uncle, Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg; the title was extended to all three of her children.

They had two daughters and one son:


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