Sora Tokui

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Sora Tokui
Sora Tokui (November 2010).jpg
Sora Tokui in 2010
Native name
徳井 青空
Born (1989-12-26) 26 December 1989 (age 29)
Other names
  • Soramaru
  • Tokkun
  • Toku san
Years active2009–present
AgentAvex Pictures
Height159 cm (5 ft 2 in)

Sora Tokui (徳井 青空, Tokui Sora, born December 26, 1989 in Minamibōsō) is a Japanese voice actress, singer and manga artist[1] who made her debut as a voice actress in 2009 as Himemiya in Weiß Survive R.

She is a member of the singer group Milky Holmes, formed by the four main voice actresses in the media franchise Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. Similarly, she is a member of the singer group formed by the nine main voice actresses in the media franchise Love Live! and has released singles under the fictional group name μ's.[2] She is also part of a mini unit within the Love Live! project called BiBi, alongside Yoshino Nanjō and Pile.[3]

Tokui is also a manga artist whose work, including the 4koma Mahou Shoujo Jitaku-chan, has been serialised in Otapoke magazine.[4] Her manga "Makeruna!! Aku no Gundan!" has been made into an anime series.[5] She describes herself as an otaku, and has mentioned in particular her love for Neon Genesis Evangelion and the character Asuka Langley Soryu, whom she cosplayed at a screening of Q Evangelion.[6][7]


Anime television[edit]



  • Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Summer Special, Nero Yuzurizaki
  • Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative ONE -Kobayashi Opera to 5-mai no Kaiga-, Nero Yuzurizaki
  • Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative TWO -Kobayashi Opera to Kokū no Ōgarasu-, Nero Yuzurizaki

Video games[edit]



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