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Soran (Kurdish: قەزای سۆران‎) is an area in Iraqi Kurdistan bordering Iran and Turkey. Its main city is Diana which is also called Soran, although outside the region the town of Rawandiz is better known. According to Kurdistan television, citing an official in the town of Soran, the population of the region is estimated to be over 400,000.

Kurdish settlement in the region dates back prior to the establishment of the Sassanid empire. King Ardashir I of Persia mentioned the region in 224 during his battle against the Median king Madig.

A major Kurdish dialect (Sorani) is named after the region.

One of the Kurdish principality named as the Soran lordship ruled, for some years, in the 19th century, one of the famous kings was Pasha Kora (\Blind king). They went to war with the Ottoman Empire and also the Baban lordship.


Soran District is similar to a county, and the seat of government for Soran District is in Diana. Formerly it was at Rawandiz, however it was moved to Diana.

There are four sub-districts in Soran, being Diyana, Khalifan, Rawandiz and Sidekan. Recently, Rawandiz became independent district.

Coordinates: 36°39′N 44°32′E / 36.65°N 44.53°E / 36.65; 44.53