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Coordinates: 36°38′54″N 44°32′15″E / 36.648278°N 44.537389°E / 36.648278; 44.537389

Soran University
زانكۆی سۆران
Soran University Logo
Type Public university
Established 2009
Location Soran, Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government[Arbil], Iraq
Colors Blue, white and yellow

Soran University (SU) is a Kurdistan Regional Government-Government of Iraq sponsored public university, founded in 2009. It is located in city of Soran, within the Soran District of the Arbil Governorate, in northern Iraq. The Arbil Governorate is in the Iraqi Kurdistan region of North Iraq.


SU has five departments/faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Engineering,

The Engineering department includes Civil, Chemical, and Petroleum Engineering.

SU is planning to open more faculties and departments in the future as needed.


Key staff members include:

  • President: Dr. Muslih Mustafa Mam Hamad
  • Vice-president for Administrative and Financial affairs: Dr. Amer Sadiq
  • Vice-president for scientific affairs: Dr. Raqib Rashid
  • Vice-president for Students' affairs : Dr. Zanyar Rzgar
  • Dr. Sardar Dean of Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Hewa Balisane Dean of Faculty of Education
  • Dr. Kamaran Dean of Faculty of Law
  • Dr. Bengin Dean of Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr. Qais Kakil Dean of Faculty of Arts


Erbil (Hawler), which is the capital city of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, is 100 km away. Soran district is famous for its striking scenery and historical sites, including its snow-capped mountains and waterfalls. It has become a tourist destination for people from all over Iraq, and is well known for its friendly and accommodating people.[citation needed]

Soran and Iraqi Kurdistan are safe and tranquil areas which are significantly more stable than the rest of Iraq. Although central and southern Iraq are still unsafe, Kurdistan is generally peaceful with violence and crime both rare occurrences.

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