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Pronunciation/ˈsɔːrʃə, -kə/
Irish: [ˈsˠɔɾˠəxə]
Language(s)1. Irish
2. Scottish Gaelic
Meaning"light", "brightness"

Sorcha is a Gaelic feminine given name. It is common to both the Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages, and is derived from a Gaelic word meaning "brightness".

In Scotland, Sorcha has traditionally been Anglicised as Clara, which retains the name's Gaelic meaning: the English Clara is derived from the Latin clarus, meaning "bright", "famous".[1]

The variant pronunciation of this name as /ˈsɜːrʃə/ is commonly confused by English-speakers with both the masculine Seóirse (Irish: [ˈʃoːɾˠʃə], equivalent to George) and the feminine Saoirse ([sˠiːɾˠɕə], a modern repurposing of the Irish vocabulary word saoirse which means "freedom").

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