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This is a list of Guardians of Ga'Hoole characters.

Characters from the main storyline[edit]

The Guardians[edit]

The Band/Chaw of Chaws[edit]


Soren is the main protagonist; a male barn owl, (Tyto alba), leader of "The Band". Soren was born in the Kingdom of Tyto, where he lived with his father, Noctus, his mother, Marella, his older brother, Kludd, his younger sister, Eglantine, and the family's nest snake Mrs. Horace Plithiver. He was snatched by patrols from St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls after Kludd meanly pushed him from the nest. He later escaped with his friend Gylfie and together the two met Twilight then Digger before journeying to the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. After many adventures, Soren becomes a Guardian of Ga'Hoole, leader of The Band, leader of the Chaw of Chaws after, a member of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree and the ryb of the weather interpretation and colliering chaw after Ezylryb died. He is the mate of Pellimore and the father of Bell, Blythe, and Bash. Soren has starsight, allowing him to view glimpses of the future through his dreams. At the end of The War of the Ember he becomes king of the Great Tree after the death of his nephew, Coryn (Nyroc). Portrayed by Jim Sturgess in the film.


Gylfie is a female elf owl, (Micrathene whitneyi), who is Soren's best friend and part of "The Band". Gylfie was hatched in a cactus in the Desert of Kuneer and was snatched by patrols from St. Aggie's after trying to fly before her wings had completely fledged. She escaped with Soren, and after befriending Twilight and Digger, came to the Great Ga'hoole tree. She later becomes the navigation ryb. Gylfie is both articulate and intelligent, although less reliant on books than Otulissa. In the first book, she tells Soren almost everything she knows. Portrayed by Emily Barclay in the film.


Twilight is a male great grey owl, (Strix nebulosa). It is revealed in The Guide Book to the Great Tree that he was the son of a famous poet, Skye, and was named "Cassius" when he was hatched. He was snatched by St. Aggie's but escaped when he bit one of his captor's talons off. He is part of "The Band". Soren and Gylfie met him after escaping from St. Aggie's. He claimed that he taught himself everything about surviving and was abandoned within hours of hatching. He dealt the final blow to Kludd, the ruler of the Pure Ones, in the Battle of the Burning (He was given a great party, no doubt). One of the only times he is injured in battle was in "The Golden Tree" during the Battle of the Book of Kreeth, when he faced off against Nyra, he was slashed across his chest and almost died, but was saved by the two flying snakes, Slynella and Stingyll, with their healing venom. It is revealed in The War of the Ember that he has two brothers, Tavis and Cletus, that he had never met, as they left shortly before he was born. He is very confident and boastful, and is constantly singing songs about himself, but still has a very good heart. He is now a Guardian of Ga'Hoole at the Ga'Hoole Tree in the search-and-rescue chaw. Portrayed by Anthony LaPaglia in the film.


Digger is a very smart tracking burrowing owl, Athene cunicularia, who is part of "The Band." Born in the Desert of Kuneer, he was separated from his parents when owls from St. Aggie's attacked his family and ate his brother. He is now a Guardian of Ga'Hoole at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree in the tracking chaw. He is a very deep thinker, and can often come up with things that others can not. It is revealed in The Shattering that he has a huge crush on Sylvana. Portrayed by David Wenham in the film.


A female pygmy owl. Eglantine's best friend. A member of the search-and-rescue-chaw. Primrose seems to be a kind and generous owl to all except Ginger, a Pure One, who she despises.


Pellimore, nicknamed 'Pelli', is a female barn owl. She is Soren's mate, and is also the mother of Bell, Blythe, and Sebastiana. She is introduced in The Outcast. She was rescued by Soren in a forest fire, and the duo bonded over their love of reading before eventually becoming mates. She is also the ryb of the Search and Rescue chaw. She plays a major role in the last books of the main series in particular. She is almost killed in the battle during Exile, but is saved by her daughter, Bell. At the end of The War of the Ember, Pelli becomes the queen of the Great Tree when Soren becomes its king following Coryn's death.


Otulissa is a female spotted owl, Strix occidentalis. She is the Ga'Hoolology ryb at the Great Tree also chief ryb, a member of the Chaw of Chaws, and a superb collier and weather interpreter. She is very prim and proper, but extremely smart and intelligent, as she likes to read a lot of books in the library. Unliked by the band at first, but later accompanies them on many of their adventures. She constantly boasts about her ancestor, the renowned weatherist, Strix Emerilla. Since Strix Emerilla is the mate of Hoole, she is a direct descendant of Hoole. She lost an eye in battle and now wears a bandana over it. Mate of Cleve and mother to 4 yet-to-hatch chicks. Portrayed by Abbie Cornish in the film as a short-eared owl rather than a spotted owl.


Martin is A male northern saw-whet owl, Aegolius acadicus; a member of the Chaw of Chaws; a Guardian at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree, a member of the colliering and weather interpretation chaw together with Soren. His mate is named Gemma and he has one son Justin.


Ruby is a female short-eared owl, Asio flammeus. A member of the Chaw of Chaws and the most spectacular flyer in the six known kingdoms. She is in the colliering and weather interpretation chaw. However, she is not very book-smart. Her most distinguishing feature is her ruddy feathers.


Nyroc (deceased) (later Coryn) is a male barn owl, Tyto alba; Kludd and Nyra's chick; first to NOT perform the Special Ceremony (Tupsi) as a Pure One. He is the youngest member of the Chaw of Chaws; the former monarch of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree; Eglantine and Soren's nephew; the cousin of Bell, Blythe, and Bash. Considered one of the greatest monarchs since Hoole and also has firesight. He helped to kill his mother. He died of blood loss when The Striga cuts off his wing and becomes a constellation in the sky. Although dead, he lives on with a great name in history, and is thoroughly remembered through all animals near the owl kingdom.

Owls and other creatures of the Great Tree[edit]

  • Boron: (deceased) A male snowy owl, Bubo scandiacus. The King of Ga'Hoole before Coryn arrived; died when Coryn came to the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole (causes of death were that because Coryn had gotten the Ember of Hoole, it was his turn to reign). Was the mate of Barran. Portrayed by Richard Roxburgh in the film.
  • Barran: (deceased) A female snowy owl, Bubo scandiacus. The Queen of Ga'Hoole before Coryn came to the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole; died just as he was arriving (causes of death were the same as Boron's). She was the ryb of the search-and-rescue chaw, and was the mate of Boron.

Portrayed by Deborra-Lee Furness in the film.

  • Ezylryb/Lyze of Kiel: (deceased) A male whiskered screech-owl, Megascops trichopsis, who was the wise old mentor at the Great Ga'Hoole tree. Originally known as Lyze of Kiel when he was a warrior of the Kielian League in the Northern Kingdoms, and fought in the Battle of the Ice Claws. He was the ryb of the weather interpretation and Colliering and head librarian before he died of old age. Ezylryb is Soren's mentor and tells Soren that Soren should be his ward. Octavia is Ezylryb's best friend and nestmaid. The most noticeable feature about him are that his port foot has only three talons and he has one squinted eye. It seems that he sees more in his squinted eye than with two normal eyes. He later dies when Coryn comes to the Great Ga'hoole tree, because Ezylryb becomes very ill. He had an owlet with Lil, Bo, and a grandson, Braithe. He also had a sister and brother, of which the sister died and his brother betrayed him.

Portrayed by Geoffrey Rush in the film.

  • Madame Plonk: A female snowy owl, Bubo scandiacus. The elegant singer of the great tree. Doc Finebeak's mate. Madame Plonk is a descendant of The Snow Rose. Her first name was briefly mentioned as Brunwella by her sister, The Rogue Smith of Silverveil in both The Rescue and Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole.
  • Eglantine: A young, female Barn owl (Tyto Alba), Soren and Kludd's younger sister. She was captured, and stone crypted by the Pure Ones and Kludd. Rescued in the Great Downing. She is befriends Ginger, a Pure One, but is later shattered by her. She is a member of the search and rescue chaw. Best friends with Primrose.
  • Kalo: A burrowing owl, Athene cunicularia, and childhood friend of Coryn. Because of her love of thinking and reading, she is nearly burned as part of Striga's plans. Her mate's name is Grom.
  • Coryn (a.k.a. Cory): Kalo's younger brother, named for Coryn after he rescued him as an egg. He also helps Coryn (original) recover from his trance caused by the striga in Exile.
  • Elvan/Elvanryb: A great grey owl who was the ryb of the colliering chaw.
  • Mrs. Plithiver: Female nest maid snake, formerly the nest-maid for Soren's family; now a member of the harp guild at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. Friend of Octavia. Is one of the noblest snakes in the tree. Her rarely ever used first name is Horace. Portrayed by Miriam Margolyes in the film.
  • Octavia: Female Kielian snake; nest maid for many years for Ezylryb and Madame Plonk; a.k.a. Brigid. Once flew with Lyze in the Kielian League. Was blinded in the War of the Ice Claws and adapted the sensibility of a true blind snake. Is known to be overweight.
  • Audrey: Female nest maid snake. She used to be the nest maid for Otulissa's family. Audrey made owlipoppen (fake owlet dolls) in The Burning.
  • Doc Finebeak: A male snowy owl famed freelance tracker once in the employ of the Pure Ones; Now at the Great Tree. Madame Plonk's companion, and later, mate. He is feared and loved by crows, who gave him a black feather which is a signal to crows not to attack him.
  • Bubo: A male great horned owl, Bubo virginianus - The blacksmith at the Great Ga'hoole tree, close friends with Madame Plonk. Portrayed by Bill Hunter in the film.
  • Strix Struma: (deceased) Female spotted owl, Strix occidentalis - A very respectable ryb at the great Ga'hoole tree, and ryb of the Navigation chaw before she was killed by Nyra in The Siege. She is a descendant of Strix Strumajen. Portrayed by Sacha Horler in the film. Otulissa's role model.
  • Sylvana: A young female burrowing owl, ryb of the tracking chaw. It has been stated in The Shattering that Digger has a crush on her.
  • Dewlap: A female burrowing owl, ryb of the Ga'Hoology chaw before Otulissa. Dewlap betrayed the great tree during The Siege. Dewlap is also known for giving Otulissa a special flint mop, and is a boring ryb. Later she is taken to the Glauxian Sisters Retreat.
  • Matron: A female short-eared owl, Asio flammeus, the head caretaker of wounded owlets at the Great Ga'hoole tree.
  • Poot: A male boreal owl. First captain of the weather interpretation chaw, becomes the leader when Ezylryb is captured.
  • Trader Mags: A female magpie that comes around about one time a year to sell her wares. Her favorite customer is Madame Plonk. She also wears a bandanna around her head to cover a bald spot ironically caused by her bandanna.
  • Bubbles: A magpie who is Trader Mags’ assistant, known to be very scatter-brained.
  • Silver: A male lesser sooty owl, Tyto multipunctata. A member of the Weather Interpretation Chaw, rescued from the Great Downing.
  • Nut Beam: A male masked owl. A member of the Weather Interpretation Chaw, rescued from the Great Downing.
  • Fritha: – Female pygmy owl. A student of the Great Ga'Hoole tree and apprentice of Otulissa.
  • Blythe: – A female barn owl. The eldest daughter of Soren and Pellimore. An excellent singer.
  • Sebastiana/Bash: A female barn owl. The second daughter of Soren and Pellimore.
  • Bell: A female barn owl. The youngest daughter of Soren and Pellimore. She trusted the Striga after he rescued her.
  • Elyan A male great grey owl. Chairman of the Great Tree under Coryn, who is completely enthralled with the Ember of Hoole, and ends up being retired by Coryn for turning the tree into a prison if owls don't worship and sing to the ember.
  • Gemma: A female whiskered screech owl. Chaplain of the Great Tree, she tricks Elyan and other owls who are enthralled with the Ember of Hoole into turning the Tree into a prison for owls who don't worship the ember. She deserts Elyan and escapes the Tree as to avoid punishment from Coryn when he arrives and finds out what she has done. She is later declared a dangerous outlaw in the Southern Kingdoms.

The Pure Ones[edit]

  • Metal Beak/Surtr: (in the movie only)...(deceased) Metal Beak is a greater sooty owl. He is the leader of the Pure Ones, Nyra's mate and Ezylryb's arch-enemy. His face was scarred in the War of Ice Claws by Ezylryb, after this he took to wearing a metal mask to hide his disfigurement. He is killed by Soren, who stabbed him with a stick on fire. The film's ending implies that "Metal Beak" might simply be a title; thus, Kludd will become the next to bear it. Surtr appears only in the film. Not to be mistaken for Kludd, the High Tyto II.

Metal Beak is voiced by Joel Edgerton. He also has never been mentioned in film as Surtr (that was his original name but it is only revealed in the game).

  • Nyra: (deceased) A female barn owl. Metal Beak's mate; a pure one and a hagsfiend, made leader of the Pure Ones after Metal Beak's death, slayer of Strix Struma and Phillip, and the Rouge Smith of Silverveil; mother of Nyroc (a.k.a. Coryn). She has a scar on her face put there by Otulissa in revenge for Strix Struma's death. She is killed by Soren and Coryn, by being fatally wounded by Soren when he throws an ice splinter into her chest and then being burned when the lava from the volcanoes pours into the cavern in The War of the Ember. She is claimed to be a hagsfiend by Coryn if she was to claim the Ember of Hoole by its power.

Portrayed by Helen Mirren in the film.

  • The Old High Tyto: (deceased) The first Pure Ones leader. Killed by Kludd and Nyra. He is only mentioned in the books.
  • Kludd/High Tyto II: (deceased) A male barn owl. Soren's older brother. In the books, he was Metal Beak and the leader of the Pure Ones. In the film, he is snatched by the Pure Ones and trained by Nyra. He becomes a Pure One Guard. He fell into a forest fire when he tried to kill Soren. He was saved by a Fish Owl,whom he killed, and married Nyra to become the new Metal Beak. In the books, he was killed by Twilight, who, with an ice spinlter, stabbed his back and severed his spine.

Portrayed by Ryan Kwanten in the movie.

  • Wortmore: (deceased) A male sooty owl. A Pure One lieutenant. He apparently dies by flying snake venom in The Siege. Wortmore somehow later reappears but is killed in the Battle of the Beyond.
  • Wort: (deceased) A male barn owl. A Pure One corporal. Dies in the battle of the Middle Kingdom.
  • Uglamore: (deceased) – Male barn owl. A Pure One sublieutenant (then promoted to a lieutenant); deserts the Pure Ones and sacrifices himself for Coryn in The Outcast.
  • Stryker: (deceased) – Male barn owl. A Pure One lieutenant (then promoted to a Lieutenant major and then a Commander) under Nyra, second in command later in the series; killed by Tengshu. Is described to have a scar on his stomach because of Otulissa, and described by Coryn to have a nick in his beak.
  • Phillip "Dustytuft": (deceased) A male greater sooty owl. A low caste owl of the Pure Ones; befriended Coryn at his hatching; killed by Nyra, who ripped his heart out.
  • Tarn: (deceased) A male burrowing owl. 1st in command under Nyra. Probably died after Twilight and his brothers chased him and his small contingent, in The War of the Ember. Tarn was the first non-Tyto owl to be in the Pure Ones’ ranks.
  • Orlando/The Striga: (deceased) A blue dragon owl. A former dragon owl from the Middle Kingdom seeking a more meaningful life; Betrays Coryn and the Great Ga'Hoole Tree by joining ranks with Nyra; previously saves Soren and Pelli's owlet Bell. He was the leader of the Blue Brigade and was known for his brainwashing flattery, he took control of the Great Tree, had The Band exiled and burned vanities. Soren killed him by slicing his head off in the War of the Ember's last battle, after the Striga cuts off Coryn's wing and kills him.
  • Other Pure Ones – Several soldiers of the Pure Ones has been mentioned by their name at least once. Among them included Ginger, a young infiltrator who joined the Guardians after the Pure Ones abandoned her, but rejoined them after shattering Eglantine, and Vaygar, a masked owl. Another soldier was named Blyrric, who was missing an eye. Also there was Kylor, a turned slipgizzle who used to serve for the Guardians, and Spyke and Gebbles, who fought in the Battle of the Beyond.

Blue Brigade[edit]

  • Field Marshal Cram: (deceased) A male great horned owl, first in command under the Striga. Killed during the battle on Balefire Night.
  • Other owls of the Blue Brigade - an army of blue and dragon owls from the Middle Kingdoms that serve under the Striga including those who are not blue or dragon owls.

St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls[edit]

The St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls works for the Pure Ones.

  • Skench: (deceased) A female great horned owl, Bubo virginianus. The Ablah General of the academy, killed by Soren.
  • Spoorn: (deceased) A male western screech owl. Skench's first lieutenant; killed by Martin with an ice splinter.
  • Jatt: (deceased) A male long-eared owl. A sublieutenant of St. Aegolius; also a warrior and enforcer and cousin/brother of Jutt. Jatt cannibalized Digger's brother and killed his parents. Killed by Soren, Twilight, Streak, and Zan. Portrayed by Leigh Wannell in the film.
  • Jutt: (deceased) – Male long-eared owl. A St. Aegolius sublieutenant; a warrior and enforcer and cousin/brother of Jatt. Jutt cannibalized Digger's brother and killed his parents. Killed by Soren, Twilight, Zan, and Streak. Portrayed by Angus Sampson in the film.
  • "Auntie" Finny: (deceased) A female snowy owl. Soren's pit guardian while he was at the academy. Finny is the owl that Soren feared most when he infiltrated St. Aggie's. She pushed Hortense off a cliff after finding out that Hortense was saving eggs from the Hatchery. She is presumably also an egg-eater and tried to murder Soren and Gylfie when they infiltrated St. Aggies in Book 4: The Siege. She was slashed by Soren in the neck and bled to death.
  • Unk: (status unknown) A male great horned owl. Gylfie's pit guardian while she was at the academy with Soren and later a St. Aggie's guard. His fate during the Pure One invasion of St. Aggie's was not mentioned.
  • 47-2: (deceased) A female western screech owl. A picker at the pelletorium in St. Aggie's. Killed by Soren, Twilight, Streak and Zan.
  • Hortense (a.k.a. Mist) A female spotted owl, Strix occidentalis. Originally from Ambala; seems to be an owlet, but is really an adult. (Turns out to have stinted growth due to flecks). Infiltrated St. Aggies; trained as a broody owl in the eggorium of the academy; helped save more than 20 eggs that the patrols had snatched. Pushed off a cliff by "Auntie", and presumed to be dead, but is saved by the eagles Streak and Zan. Regarded as a hero, especially in Ambala. Her feathers had turned transparent with age and looks like a cloud of mist.
  • Uklah/Purity/92-01 (possibly deceased) A female barn owl. Uklah was a former Pure one infiltrator. At that time she was known as Purity, a name she later describes as pure nonsense. Uklah tells Otulissa that she betrayed the Pure Ones, although Otulissa and Digger thought she was an infiltrator when Otulissa saw her slipping flecks to another barn owl. Uklah explains that she does it so the other Pure Ones won’t think she's a traitor. Her fate is unknown, for she's not mentioned in any other book after The Siege (it is believed that she was possibly discovered and murdered when the Pure Ones learned about their double crossers).

Dire wolves[edit]

  • Duncan MacDuncan (deceased) The Leader of the MacDuncan clan of dire wolves in Beyond the Beyond. Later dies of old age in the "Wolves of the Beyond" series.
  • Dunleavy MacHeath A Leader of the MacHeath clan of dire wolves in Beyond the Beyond; known wolf; recruited members of the MacHeath clan to come with him to become vyrwolves. Disappears in The Golden Tree.
  • Gyllbane A Member of the MacHeath clan; her pup, Cody, was maimed by Dunleavy MacHeath; later renamed as Namara.
  • Cody (deceased) - Gyllbane's son; died when saving the Book of Kreeth in The Golden Tree, Throat was slashed open.
  • Hamish (deceased) A In the MacDuncan clan; a gnaw wolf of the Sacred Watch; friends with Coryn, has a lame leg. Becomes the new Fengo when Coryn returns the Ember Of Hoole. In the Wolves of the Beyond series, Hamish has been revealed to have died sometime after the owl war.

Other characters[edit]

  • Grimble: (deceased) A male boreal owl. A brave owl that was captured as an adult by the St. Aegolius patrols; held hostage and was promised that his family would be spared; taught Soren and Gylfie how to fly so that they could escape from the academy, killed by Skench as Soren and Gylfie escaped.

Portrayed by Hugo Weaving in the film.

  • Bess/The Knower: A boreal owl. Daughter of Grimble; discovered Middle Kingdom; lives in the ruins of a college from the time of the others; reclusive.
  • Moss: A snowy owl. Ancient warrior and former commander of the Glauxspeed division of the Kielian League; old friend of Ezylryb.
  • The Rogue Smith of Silverveil: (deceased) A female snowy owl and sister of Madame Plonk. Eventually gave up making weapons and instead made art. Good friend of Trader Mags, later killed by Nyra when she shoved the rogue smith into her own fire. Her name is revealed to be Thora Plonk in the Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole. Also used to fight for the Kielian league with Ezylryb (AKA Lyze of Kiel) in the Rise of a Legend book until she proved herself worthy of being an apprentice of Orf.
  • Cleve of Firthmore: A male spotted owl healer and prince from the royal Hollow of Snarth in the Northern Kingdoms, Studied Medicine. Mate of Otulissa and father of their 4 yet-to hatch chicks. A dedicated peacemaker, the only time he hurts another owl is in The War of The Ember.
  • Gwyndor: - A male masked owl (deceased) who's a rogue smith. He realized that Nyroc has seen the Ember of Hoole and helped the future king reach his goal. He became a useful ally to Coryn (Nyroc). It is mentioned in the Wolves of the Beyond series that he died sometime after The War of the Ember was won by the Guardians.
  • Tengshu: A blue long-eared owl. Qui master and sage of the Jouzhenkyn.
  • Slynella A green iridescent flying snake of Ambala. Friend of Mist; (a.k.a. Hortense) helped save Soren and Twilight when they were injured badly.
  • Stingyll – A green iridescent flying snake of Ambala; Friend of Mist; (a.k.a. Hortense) helped save Twilight when he was injured badly.
  • Rabbit: (deceased) A webreader that Coryn meets. He reads things in spiderwebs and names are the easiest things to read. He is killed during a skirmish between Coryn, Kalo, and two owls of the Blue Brigade.
  • Noctus: (deceased) Soren, Kludd, and Eglantine's father. Presumably murdered by Kludd. However, he was not killed in the film, instead remaining alive and reuniting with Soren and Eglantine at the Great Tree.

Voiced by Hugo Weaving in the film.

  • Marella: (deceased) Soren, Kludd, and Eglantine's mother. Also presumably killed by Kludd. However, she was not killed in the film, instead remaining alive and reuniting with Soren and Eglantine at the Great Tree.

Voiced by Essie Davis in the film.

  • Streak: A bald eagle. Friend of Hortense/Mist, mate of Zan.
  • Zan: A bald eagle. Had her tongue ripped out in a fight with Skench and Spoorn, mate of Streak. Friend of Hortense/Mist.
  • Simon: (deceased) A male brown fish owl. A pilgrim of the Glauxian brother's retreat; took care of Kludd though he was later killed by him.
  • Braithe: A male whiskered screech owl who's the head of the Brad, a living library where owls memorize books. Revealed to be Ezylryb's grandson in Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole.
  • Tavis: A male great grey owl. Twilight's older brother.
  • Cletus: A male great grey owl. Also Twilight's older brother.
  • H'ryth Gup Theosang: A blue burrowing owl. The wisest of the pikyus (shown by his very green eyes) and is the seventh H'ryth of the Middle Kingdom (h'ryth means innermost part of the gizzard). He is a direct spiritual relative of Theo, the first H'ryth.
  • Lil: (deceased) A female whiskered screech owl. She was the mate of Lyze of Kiel (Ezylryb). She was killed when she was struck down by an owl of the Ice Talons and fell into the ocean and drowned. Her death was witnessed by Octavia. She was part of the Kielian League. Also the mother of Bo.
  • Ifghar: A whiskered screech owl and brother of Ezylryb. He is a turnfeather, traitor, along with Gragg. He wanted Lil as his mate and in the end betrayed everyone and fought with the Ice Claws. In the end he was turned out by the Ice Claws too when he killed the owl that murdered Lil. Ifghar later reappears in the sixth book: The Burning.
  • Gragg: A Kielian snake, turnscale with Ifghar. Known to drink heavily.
  • Hoke of Hock: A Kielian snake and relative of Octavia. Saw Martin and Ruby while the Chaw of Chaws was recruiting owls from the Northern Kingdoms.
  • Honeyvox: - A male tropical screech owl, gadfeather long before the Band stayed at the tree for a month. Tried to become the new singer of the tree by slipping a medicine into the current singer's drink that in too big a dose will render one mute, but it backfired after he drank the cup with the medicine. The next morning he woke up mute and then became a Glauxian Brother. It was mentioned that the Plonk singer of the time invited a mute Glauxian Brother to his last performance.
  • Smutty: A lesser sooty owl, Tyto multipunctata, who was captured by the Pure Ones.

Movie characters[edit]

  • Echidna: The Echidna is a mystic who carries a walking stick and was the one who gave directions to the great Ga'Hoole tree to Soren and his friends. Voiced by Barry Otto.
  • Allomere: (deceased) A great grey owl who was a slipgizzle (spy) at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree for the Pure Ones. He was later betrayed by Metal Beak and taken away by the latter's bat minions. Allomere managed to escape in secret, but was later killed by his former apprentice Shard, after the latter found out that Allomere was responsible for his parents' deaths. Voiced by Sam Neill.
  • Pete: A white long-eared owl, captured and taken to St. Aegolius to work as a picker, later rescued by the Guardians and taken to the Great Tree, where he is seen as a student listening to the story of Soren's journey. Pete has two black spots on him, one on his left eye and one on the back of his right wing. Voiced by Gareth Young.

Characters in Wolves of the Beyond[edit]

  • Faolan MacDuncan: A large, silver dire wolf who was born with a splayed paw, with a swirling simble representing a Gyre soul. (a.k.a. Eo, Fengo, Skaarsguard, and Fionula) As a gnaw wolf, he was a member of the Pack of the Eastern Scree in the MacDuncan clan. He is the main protagonist of the spin-off. In the first book, Lone Wolf, he was born with a splayed paw, marking him a malcadh, or a cursed one. He was left on a riverbank left to die. However, the pup survived when a mothergrizzly (Thunderheart) found him and adopted him as her own son. She named him Faolan, or which translate into "gift of the river". With Gwynneth's advice, he returns to the clans as a gnaw wolf. In the second book, Shadow Wolf, he competes in a gaddergnaw, a completion between gnaw wolves to become members of the Sacred Watch. A malcadh pup is murdered, and Faolan is framed for the crime. However, with the help of his friends Mhairie, Dearlea, Gwynneth and the Sark, the true murderer is proved to be Heep, another gnaw wolf. He then becomes part of the Watch with Edme MacHeath. Faolan has the unique ability to jump over high things and on his splayed paw is a swirl of silver very much shaped like a galaxy. Faolan knows this swirl is part of a bigger destiny, one that could change everything. He later discovers this destiny is to lead the wolves back home. When the survivors reach the Distant Blue, a white horse winnies to the other creatures in the vally "star wolf is back!" He apparently has firesight. He is a Gyre soul.
  • Edme MacHeath (a.k.a. Stormfast) - A small, one-eyed she-wolf formerly of the MacHeath clan. As a pup, Dunbar MacHeath, the last chieftain of the brutal MacHeath clan, ripped out her eye in the purpose of placing her in the Watch. She renounced her ties to the clan, and joined the watch as a free-runner. Has the inner eye. Faolan's love interest/mate, and the second main character. She is also a Gyre soul, once Stormfast, mate to the first Fengo. Her mother was Akira, a she-wolf who gave Dunbar his scar in the act of trying to avenge Edme. Her name is pronounced 'ed-may'. She appears in Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf and Star Wolf.
  • Thunderheart: (deceased) A female grizzly bear who adopted Faolan when he was abandoned on the river. She raised Faolan as if he were her own son, and was killed by a boulder rolling down a hill during an earthquake. Appears in Lone Wolf and is mentioned by Faolan in the other books. In Watch Wolf, she finally joins Ursulana, the bear heaven, after Faolan reassures her spirit he is safe. She also went into heaven with Morag, Faolan's real mother whom died of old age after he finally met her. She appears alive in Lone Wolf and as a spirit in Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, and Spirit Wolf.
  • Gwynneth: A female masked owl who's a rogue smith. She is the daughter of the late Gwyndor and "niece" to the Rogue Smith of Silverveil. She's also Faolan's first friend. She leaves with the survivors saying she's more comfortable around wolves. She appears[clarification needed] in Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf and Star Wolf.
  • Shibaan MacDuncan: (deceased) A female dire wolf and member of the MacDuncan Carreg Gaer. She was an Obea, barren she-wolves responsible for taking away malcadh pups. She was killed during an earthquake when boulders crushed her, upon which her spirit was able to care for the spirits of the pups she had abandoned for death in her lifetime. Her position as Obea is taken by Lael, a white she-wolf who appears in Shadow Wolf. She appears in Lone Wolf.
  • Sark of the Slough MacNabby:(deceased) An odd, mysterious female dire wolf. She was born into the MacNab clan, which she calls the MacNabby clan. Her mother was a vain, cruel, beautiful she-wolf called Amber, who abandoned the Sark as a pup due to her ugliness being an embarrassment. She is rumored to have mysterious "witch" powers. She was injured in Spirit Wolf by a boulder, and eventually died on the shards of her memory jugs. The Sark had wild fur, with one yolk colored lazy eye, and one green. She appears in Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, and Spirit Wolf.
  • Morag MacDuncan: (deceased) Born into the MacDuncan clan, but joined the MacDonegal clan after exile and the MacNamara clan after she became blind. She is Faolan's birth mother. Morag was a silver she-wolf. A former outflanker. Appears in Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, and as a lochin, or spirit, in Frost Wolf, and Spirit Wolf.
  • Brangwen MacDonegal: Morag’s second mate. A very kind and handsome male wolf, he and Morag join the MacNamara clan when she goes blind. Near the end of Frost Wolf, it mentions that he had gone to the Blood Watch. He is assumed to be dead. He appears in Shadow Wolf and Watch Wolf.
  • Heep MacDuncan: (deceased) A tail-less gnaw yellow wolf member of the MacDuncan clan. Becomes Faolan's enemy after he framed him for the murder of a malcadh pup. Fled to the outermost. Took Aliac as a mate and had one son called Abban. Becomes leader of a group of outclaners, called a rout. Gets his tail back as prophesied in Spirit Wolf. He later leads his rout after Faolan. Caila rips his tail off after he kills Benja in a battle. Old Tooth later kills him in front of Abban and leaves his body to feed the sharks and leopard seals. Appears in Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Spirit Wolf, and Star Wolf.
  • Unnamed Malcadh Pup: (deceased) A brown female malcadh pup left to die. Gwynneth later hears the pup gruesomely murdered. After she hunts Faolan, Faolan decides to find the truth of her death and honor her. Faolan puts the bones with Thunderheart's paw bone to put the malcadh pup's spirit to rest. Heep later frames Faolan for the murder, but Faolan shows a nick like mark in the bones, Heep's trademark, proving that Heep was the one who murdered the pup. She appears only in Shadow Wolf (see second illustration.)
  • Kinnaird MacDuncan: (deceased) Faolan's father. He's described as tawny (Kathryn Lasky's scholastic website). He's mentioned in Lone Wolf.
  • Morb: Small Savage outclaner. Fears Foalan. Appears in Lone Wolf.
  • Duncan MacDuncan: (deceased) Scared black leader of the MacDuncans. Knew of Faolan's firesight. Appears in Lone Wolf and Shadow Wolf.
  • Angus MacAngus: (deceased) Leader of the MacAnguses and in charge of sky Fire, lightning, readings. Saw Faolans paw print in the shadow of moon rot. He mistakenly thinks it's a wolf with the foaming-mouth disease. Appears in Lone Wolf.
  • Finbar Fengo: (deceased) Very decorated golden leader of the watch with a twisted hind leg. Appears in Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, and dies in the beginning of Spirit Wolf.
  • Twist: (deceased) Faolan's twisted footed taiga. Suspects something about him. Died in the earthquake in Spirit Wolf. He appears in Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, and Spirit Wolf.
  • Winks MacDonegal: (deceased) Edme's one eyed taiga. Named for her one eye. Fought during the War of the Ember. Told Edme about the inner eye. Died near the beginning of Frost Wolf. She appears in Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, and as a spirit in Spirit Wolf.
  • Amber MacNabby: (deceased) Beautiful she-wolf. The Sark's mother. Murdered her own son, a pup. Lord of a MacNabby pack.
  • Abban: The son of Heep and Aliac. After falling off the Ice Bridge — a bridge that the survivors use to get across the Endless Sea — he sinks to the bottom. Old Tooth, however, saves him from drowning, and they become fast friends. He speaks only in rhymes and songs until they reach their destination, and is also found to swim and speak the language of the fish. He appears in Spirit Wolf and Star Wolf.
  • Caila "Aliac" MacDuncan: Heep's mate. Her son is Abban. Adopted Mhairie and Dearlea. One of the Prophet's followers. Denied her adopted daughters. Saved by Faolan and Edme from him but a fog came and she disappeared, ended up being rescued again by Heep, who took her as a mate. Left him after the earthquake. She travels with the survivors to the Distant Blue. Her name means either 'slender' or 'from the forest'. She appears in Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, and Star Wolf.
  • The Whistler MacDuncan: Gray wolf with a hole in his windpipe causing him to hiss and whistle when he talks. Gnaw wolf of the Blue Rock Pack of the MacDuncans. One of the wolves that chased down Faolan thinking he had the foaming mouth disease; saved by Faolan during the famine. Became a lieutenant of the Blood Watch. While in the cave before time, he discovered that Faolan is Fengo. Possibly in love with Dearlea. He appears in Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, and Star Wolf.
  • Mhairie MacDuncan: Tawny she-wolf of the MacDuncan Carreg Gaer. The best outflanker in her clan. Daughter of Morag and Kinniard. Sister to Dearlea and Faolan. Stood up for Faolan when he was accused of murder. Became a member of the MacNamera clan (sort of) in the end of Frost Wolf. One of the survivors. Has a sassy attitude. She appears in Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, and Star Wolf.
  • Dearlea MacDuncan: Once golden, brown she-wolf of the MacDuncan Carreg Gaer. Skreelan. Daughter of Morag and Kinniard. Sister of Mhairie and Faolan. Stood up for Faolan when he was accused of murder. Became a member of the MacNamara clan in the end of Frost Wolf. One of the survivors. Possibly in love with the Whistler. Near the end of Star Wolf, Caila tells her to sing because she's a Skreeleen and she sings of the journey to the Distant Blue. Appears in Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, and Star Wolf.
  • Toby "Ishodd": Young grizzly bear cub. Grandson of the bear of bears. Brother to Burney. Taken by the MacHeaths to cause the war between the bears and the wolves. Saved by Faolan and Edme and returned to his mother. His mother died in the earthquake, leaving him and his brother as orphans. Adopted by Faolan and Edme, and the rest of the pack. Best friends are Edme and Myrrglosch. Appears in Watch Wolf, Spirit Wolf, and Star Wolf.
  • Burney: Young grizzly bear cub. Brother of Toby. Grandson of the bear of bears. His mother died in the earthquake, leaving him and his brother as orphans. Adopted by Faolan and Edme, and the rest of the pack. Best friend is Myrrglosch. Appears in Watch Wolf, Spirit Wolf, and Star Wolf.
  • Banja: (deceased) Red she-wolf of the watch. Missing one eye. Sassy and is always teasing Edme. Ended up breaking the gaddernock by having a pup, called Maudie. Journed with the survivors to the Distant Blue, but Heep kills her in battle before they reach it. Last seen being led to the Cave of souls by Bells. Has a twin brother. Appears in Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, and Star Wolf.
  • Liam MacDuncan/The Prophet: (deceased) son of Duncan MacDuncan. Disgraced leader of the MacDuncans. Became the Prophet, and led thousands of wolves to their deaths during the famine. Caught by The Sark, Gwynneth, Faolan, Edme, The Whistler, Mhairie, and Dearlea. Died by a boulder during the earthquake. Appears in Shadow Wolf, Frost Wolf, and Spirit Wolf.

Characters from the Legends (deceased)[edit]

  • Hoole: A male spotted owl, Strix occidentalis. Hoole was the son of King H'rath and Queen Siv. After his father was murdered by Lord Arrin, Siv fled and took the egg of Hoole with her into hiding. She later gave the egg to Grank to raise on a remote island in the middle of the Bitter Sea. Hoole grew up unaware of his royal lineage until Grank took him to Beyond the Beyond. It was here where he finally discovered who his mother was and retrieved the mysterious ember from one of the volcanoes of the Sacred Ring. After the death of his mother, he led a band owls to the newly formed Great Ga'Hoole Tree and became the king. He led the Guardians of the tree to victory against the evil Lord Arrin and his armies, finally restoring the N'rythghar to peace. Hoole's primary goal was to rid the owl world of magic, which he considered to be a very dangerous and powerful force. At the end of his life he returned the ember to the same volcano he retrieved it from, but not before seeing a vision of a barn owl who would one day, thousands of years later, come and retrieve it once more. Hoole had the ability of firesight and was the mate of Emerilla.
  • H'rath: A male spotted owl, Strix occidentalis. The king of the N'rythghar, the mate of Queen Siv, and the father of Hoole. H'rath was killed by Lord Arrin when he lay siege on the Ice Palace. H'rath was good friends with Grank.
  • Siv: A female spotted owl, Strix occidentalis. The queen of the N'rythghar, H'rath's mate, and the mother of Hoole. Going into hiding after the death of her husband, Siv raised an army and fought against Lord Arrin and his hagfiends in the Beyond the Beyond. She was killed by hagsfiends and died in the wings of her son. Siv was good friends with both Grank and the polar bear, Svenka.
  • Grank: A male spotted owl, Strix occidentalis. A good friend of both King H'rath and Queen Siv, Grank was the first collier and had firesight. He was also the first owl to find the Ember of Hoole. Grank raised Hoole on an island in the Bitter Sea. He died of old age, making Hoole promise to return the ember to the volcano Dunmore at the end of his life. Grank was secretly in love with Siv.
  • Theo: A male great horned owl, Bubo virginianus. Theo was born into a family with an abusive father who wanted him to become a soldier. He later left the family hollow to become a Glauxian Brother. He met Grank on the island in the middle of the Bitter Sea and began training under him. Theo was the first blacksmith and created many inventions, including battle claws, something he later regretted making. He was a gizzard resister and would only fight when there was no other option available. Theo later traveled to the Middle Kingdom and wrote the Theo Papers, an extensive philosophical document.
  • Lord Rathnik: – A male snowy owl. An officer of the Ice Regiment and a member of the Great Tree's parliament. Lord Rathnik was killed in the battle of The Short Light and the Long Night.
  • Shadyk: A male great horned owl, Bubo virginianus. Theo's younger brother. Shadyk was a mad usurper of King H'rath's throne in the Ice Palace, causing the palace to rot.
  • Phineas: A male pygmy owl. The best friend of Hoole. Phineas was known for his great pluck.
  • Berwyck: A male boreal owl, Bubo virginianus. Hoole and Grank's friend and a member of the Glauxian Brothers.
  • Myrrthe: A female snowy owl. The faithful servant of Queen Siv. Myrrthe was killed by hagsfiends while hunting for lemmings.
  • Rorkna: A female spotted owl. The Glauxess of the Glauxian Sisters Retreat on the island of Elsemere. The cousin of Siv.
  • The Snow Rose: A female snowy owl. A gadfeather and renowned singer. The Snow Rose's lineage became the Plonk family.
  • Emerilla: A female spotted owl. The daughter of Strix Strumajen and mate of Hoole. Emerilla was an excellent fighter with the short blade. She is related to Otulissa.
  • Strix Strumajen: A female spotted owl. The mother of Emerilla. Mate of Strix Hurthwel. Hoole made Strix Strumajen the ryb of the first weathering chaw.
  • Strix Hurthwel: A male spotted owl. The father of Emerilla. Mate of Strix Strumajen. Killed by the hagsfiend Mycroft.
  • Kreeth: A female hagsfiend that had very strong powers of nachtmagen; created Lutta, created a book full of her evil spells (The Book of Kreeth); friend of Ygryk; killed during the Battle of Short Light and Long Night.
  • Lutta: A Changeling. Created by Kreeth from a normal hatchling, killed by Strix Strumajen for impersonating Emerilla. Fell in love with Hoole.
  • Joss: Faithful messenger to Siv and H'rath.
  • Penryk: A male hagsfiend and an ally of Lord Arrin. Also called the Sky Dragon
  • Ygryk: A female hagsfiend; Pleek's mate.
  • Ullryck: A female hagsfiend; a very deadly assassin; serves Lord Arrin. She later goes rogue.
  • Pleek: A male great horned owl. Enemy of King H'rath; known to consort with Hagsfiends and took one, Ygryk, as his mate.
  • Lord Arrin: A male snowy owl. A traitor to H'rath, part hagsfiend; killed H'rath and Siv.
  • Namara MacNamara: (Hordweard) A female dire wolf from Beyond the Beyond and Dunleavy MacHeath's oldest mate. After she renames herself she kills him for revenge. Her clan is MacNamara, (named after her mother) which she also names after herself.
  • Fengo: A dire wolf, led the wolves out of the long cold during the ice march. A gyre spirit. Became Fionula, Eo, and finally Faolan. Chieftain of all wolf clans and a friend of Grank. Killed by hagsfiends in To Be a King.
  • Dunleavy MacHeath: a dire wolf and Fengo's enemy. Tried to gain an alliance with Lord Arrin to rule the S'yrthghar. Killed by Namara MacNamara on broken talon point.
  • Svenka: A female polar bear in the Bitter Sea and a good friend of Queen Siv. Svenka is the mother of Rolf and Anka and the mate of Svarr.
  • Svarr: A male polar bear and the father of Svenka's cubs. Svarr is interested in the politics of owls and often spies on them via smee holes.
  • Anka: A polar bear who is Svenka and Svarr's daughter. Was named Two before being named Anka.
  • Rolf: - A polar bear who is Svarr and Svenka's son. Was named One before being named Rolf.