Sorensen Gross Construction Company

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Sorensen Gross Construction Company
Founded 1925
Headquarters Flint, Michigan
Key people
Ghassan Saab, Chief Executive Officer and Richard Sly, President
Website Sorensen Gross

Sorensen Gross Construction Company (SGCS) is an American construction company, operating out of Flint, Michigan. Sorensen Gross has other offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Roseville, Minnesota, Schaumburg, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, Vienna, Virginia, Tampa, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina.


Sorensen Gross Construction Company was founded in 1925 in Grand Rapids, Michigan by John Sorensen and Robert Gross. The company moved to Flint, Michigan in 1927, where it is still presently operating. In 1966, the company was taken over by Ghassan Saab. In 1972, Richard Sly joined Ghassan Saab in the executive offices.

With the changing times and evolving technologies, Ghassan Saab and Richard Sly expanded what the company had to offer including different Delivery Systems, Contract Services, and On-Site Construction Supervision.[1]

In 1999, Sorensen Gross was ranked in The Michigan Private 100, placing as the 34th the fastest-growing private business in the state of Michigan.[2] In 2005, Sorensen Gross' safety records were recognized for having more than 50,000 hours with a zero-incident rate.[3]

Sorensen Gross partnered up with Uptown Developments, a developer group that owns several buildings in downtown Flint, and work together to renovate much of Downtown Flint.[4] Quickly earning the trust and business of Genesee County, Sorensen Gross began building many schools, restaurants, strip malls and other commercial buildings.[5][6] Expanding horizons, Sorensen Gross began developing overseas as well.

Notable Projects[edit]

Sorensen Gross has a permanent presence in North Carolina and Canada. The company completed projects in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States, Egypt and Jordan.[7][8] Some major projects undertaken by Sorensen Gross include:


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