Sorensen Parkway

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Sorensen Parkway
West end

L-28K (Blair High Road) / N-133

41°18′47″N 96°03′09″W / 41.31306°N 96.05250°W / 41.31306; -96.05250
East end

US 75 (North Freeway) / Storz Expressway

41°18′11″N 95°57′15″W / 41.30306°N 95.95417°W / 41.30306; -95.95417

Sorensen Parkway is a modern link in the boulevard system in Omaha, Nebraska.


Built along the abandoned Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad bed in North Omaha, the Sorensen Parkway was named for Alexander V. Sorensen, the Mayor of Omaha from 1965 to 1969. Early plans called for the extension of the Parkway, and recent conversations have focused on connecting the Sorensen Parkway to the Fremont Connector [1]


The Parkway flows east from Blair High Road and North 90th Street. where N-133 meets L-28K, to the junction of the North Freeway (US 75) and the Storz Expressway just past North 30th Street. It has been viewed as the northern boundary that defines the area called North Omaha.[2]

The intersection of 72nd Street and Sorensen Parkway has been developed in recent years, including the addition of the first movie theater in northwest Omaha in 20 years.[3]

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