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1950s council housing in Sorn; the brown building in the centre rear with the cream tower is the primary school

Sorn (Scottish Gaelic: Sorn, meaning a kiln) is a small village in East Ayrshire, Scotland. It is situated on the River Ayr. It has a population of roughly 350. Local services include: a pub, a church, a general store, a motorbike shop and a television shop. There is also a village hall and a bowling green and primary school. In November 2007 the school was threatened with closure by the East Ayrshire Council - see Save Sorn School Campaign website.

Sorn is known for its success in the Britain in Bloom competition. In 2004 it won gold in the "Small Villages" category and has previously won, amongst other awards, the "Highly Commended Certificate" a number of times in the 1980s. Sorn is also the first village in Scotland where all parking is off road parking.

Notable people born in Sorn[edit]

Sorn has a Covenanter history.


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Coordinates: 55°30.59′N 4°17.4′W / 55.50983°N 4.2900°W / 55.50983; -4.2900