Sorority Forever

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Sorority Forever
Created by Big Fantastic
Directed by Doug Cheney, Chris Hampel, Chris McCaleb, Ryan Wise
Starring Jessica Rose
Country of origin United States
Producer(s) Big Fantastic,, McG
Running time 90 seconds
Original network, Vanderaa
Original release September 8, 2008 – present
Related shows SamHas7Friends, Prom Queen
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Sorority Forever is a web television series created and produced by web production company Big Fantastic, the creators of SamHas7Friends and Prom Queen.[1] Film director McG is an executive producer of the show.[2] The first season of the series, which debuted September 8, 2008 on, followed four incoming freshmen in "the hottest sorority on campus". While it had some Gossip Girl elements to it, it "also contain(ed) a lot of mystery similar to Prom Queen."[3]


The show also features original music from up and coming artists The White Tie Affair, J Hall, and Tyroneus.[4]

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