Sorrento Peninsula

Coordinates: 40°37′29″N 14°25′00″E / 40.6246°N 14.4168°E / 40.6246; 14.4168
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Map of the Sorrentine Peninsula
Map of the Gulf of Naples
View of the peninsula near Massa Lubrense

The Sorrento Peninsula or Sorrentine Peninsula is a peninsula located in southern Italy which separates the Gulf of Naples to the north from the Gulf of Salerno to the south.



The peninsula is named after its main town, Sorrento, which is located on the north (Gulf of Naples) coast. The Amalfi Coast is located on the southern side.[1] The Lattari Mountains form the geographical backbone of the peninsula. The island of Capri lies off the western tip of the peninsula in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The whole area is an important tourist destination.[2]


9 comunes of the peninsula are in the territory of the province of Naples and 12 comunes are in the province of Salerno.

Map of the Sorrentine Peninsula, showing municipalities in the provinces of Naples (NA) and Salerno (SA).
Province Comune Population
Napoli Agerola 7,399 19.62 121.14
Castellammare di Stabia 64,533 17.71
Massa Lubrense 13,914 19.71
Meta 8,010 2.50
Piano di Sorrento 13,057 7.50
Pimonte 6,052 12.00
Sant'Agnello 9,010 4.09
Sorrento 16,616 9.93
Vico Equense 21,006 29.30
Salerno Amalfi 5,345 6.15 70.99
Atrani 914 0.20
Cetara 2,345 4.91
Conca dei Marini 734 1.00
Furore 859 1.73
Maiori 5,649 16.00
Minori 2,864 2.00
Positano 3,981 8.00
Praiano 2,069 2.00
Ravello 2,477 7.00
Scala 1,551 13.00
Vietri sul Mare 8,328 9.00



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40°37′29″N 14°25′00″E / 40.6246°N 14.4168°E / 40.6246; 14.4168