Sorry and the Sinatras

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Sorry and the Sinatras
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
London, United Kingdom
Genres Hard rock, punk rock
Years active 2007–present
Labels UnderGroove Records
Associated acts Amen, Brides of Destruction, The Wildhearts, Trashlight Vision, The Cherrykicks, The Loyalties
Website Official MySpace
Members Scott Sorry
Dave Kerr
Rich Jones
Lenny Thomas
Past members Danny Sinatra
Roger "Rags" Segal

Sorry and the Sinatras are a punk rock-influenced hard rock band based in both Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and London, United Kingdom, formed in 2007. Since 2010, the band has been composed of Scott Sorry (The Wildhearts, formerly of Amen and Brides of Destruction), Dave Kerr (formerly of The Cherrykicks), Rich Jones (The Loyalties) and Lenny Thomas (formerly of Trashlight Vision). Previously the group featured Danny Sinatra (formerly of Blackbelt) and Roger "Rags" Segal (formerly of Trashlight Vision).

To date, Sorry and the Sinatras have released one album, Highball Roller (2009), with plans to release a six-song EP and record a follow up studio album.


Early years, Formation (2005–2007)[edit]

Bassist Scott Sorry initially met Roger "Rags" Segal and Lenny Thomas met in North Carolina while Sorry was on tour with previous band Brides of Destruction in 2005 while Roger and Lenny were both in Brides support act Trashlight Vision. Sorry started working on new material with Blackbelt guitarist Danny Sinatra when Trashlight Vision split up.[1] Roger and Lenny then linked up with Sorry and Danny to form a new group.[2][3] Initially the band was named The Sad Eyed Sinatras by Sorry before it was rechristened Sorry and the Sinatras by guitarist Danny in 2007.[4][5] Danny Sinatra left the group on March 24, 2008 stating on his Myspace blog that stress, health and family issues were his reason for leaving but that he left the band on good terms. Dave Kerr formerly of The Cherrykicks was added as his replacement with the official lineup consisting of Sorry on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Dave on lead guitar, Roger on bass and Lenny on drums.

Highball Roller (2008–present)[edit]

On May 7, 2008, while they were on tour in the United States, the band announced on their Myspace that they signed a deal with UnderGroove Records who would announce a release date for their debut album by the end of 2008.[4] They announced, in June, their first dates in the UK in August, taking place at The Asylum in Birmingham and at the Bar Academy in London.[6] The group entered the studio in September in Barnsley, UK with producer Jason Sanderson.[2] The album was completed in less than 3 weeks.[4] Highball Roller was released May 11, 2009,[4] which was generally well received by British music critics,[7][8][9] with a tour of the UK planned but this was postponed until October with the band touring the East Coast of the US in August.

On February 2, 2010, new guitarist Rich Jones, who replaced bassist Roger Segal with Scott Sorry taken up the bass, announced the group were to tour the UK in April.[10] On February 25, via Twitter, the group announced they had completed songs for a six-song EP.[11]


Band members[edit]

Current lineup[edit]

Former members[edit]