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IMG 3046 - Sorullitos (hushpuppies) from Ponce, Puerto Rico.jpg
A plate of sorullitos from Ponce, Puerto Rico
Alternative names Sorullitos
Type Bread
Main ingredients Cornmeal, water, salt
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Sorullos or Sorullitos are a fried cornmeal-based dish[1] that is a staple of the Puerto Rican cuisine.[citation needed] Sorullos are served as a side dish or as appetizers, and are sometimes stuffed with cheese.[2] They are usually served along with mayoketchup.


Sorullos are made of a mix of hot water, salt, and cornmeal, formed as sticks or logs, then fried or cooked in an olive oil and butter mix. The flavor is usually lightly sweet, but can also be savory. Sorullos are best served hot, and the texture is crisp on the outside and dense and soft in the inside.

Sweet sorullos contain sugar, butter, and hot milk. These sweet sorullos are often filled with cheese such as "Queso de freir" (Spanish for frying cheese), "Queso blanco" (Spanish for white cheese), cheddar or mozzarella.

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