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Sos and Victoria Petrosyan are a German-Armenian/Russian husband and wife quick-change artist act.[1][2][3]

Sos & Victoria Petrosyan “The World Best Quick Change Act” The Fashion Design Creator - The Transformationists The lightning-fast and world famous Quick Change artists Sos & Victoria have perfected their modern interpretation of traditional performance art by combining fashion, stage-craft, and sleight-of-hand in a display that has dazzled audiences all over the world.

Fashion designer Sos Petrosyan has created an entire fashion line of ‘haute couture’. Sos has revolutionized the traditional performance art of Quick Change. Delivering to women all over the globe the ultimate dream of being able to change effortlessly into one glamorous outfit after another at impossibly fast speed.

The remarkable two-time “Wizard Trophy” Award Winners and four-times Guinness World Record Winners in High-Speed Costume Change Illusions (16 costumes in just 120 seconds) will leave you breathless. Masters of quick couture, this dapper duo are always prepared and dressed to impress. A flick of the wrists, a twist, and a twirl are all it takes for them to transmute their apparel into looks for any occasion. There is only one thing about Sos & Victoria don’t ‘quick change’… is their ability to be the absolute best at what they do!

WHAT IS A QUICK CHANGE ACT? The Quick Change is a performance style in which a performer clandestinely changes within seconds from one costume into another whilst in front of a befuddled audience.

Sos Petrosyan was born Yerevan, Armenia, on May 27, 1972. Victoria Petrosyan was born in Moscow on July 9, 1978. Twice World Champions of Quick Change Illusion - Guinness World Book, London. The Best Cabaret Duo of the World 2008 - World Magic Awards, Los Angeles, US. The Fastest Quick Change Magician a World - International Merlin Award, New York, US.

German - Armenian/Russian duo Sos and Victoria Petrosyan "The New Generation of Quick-Change Artists" are four times Guinness World Records holders in High-Speed Costume Change Illusion. 2007 - 16 costumes in 2 minutes in Germany. 2008 - 11 costumes in 1 minute in China. 2008 - 12 costumes in 1 minute in Italy and in 2011 they have done another Guinness World Record - 13 costumes in 1 minute. They began in 1991 in Moscow. Magic Circle of Germany /MZvD/ decided to present Sos & Victoria as the Best Magic Act in 2007. Duo Petrosyan Awarded - The Best Magician of the Year and International World Merlin Award in the USA for the fastest quick change act in the world. They are the only magicians in the world who have gained this Oscar twice. In Los Angeles, they got a World Magic Award for the Best Cabaret Duo 2008.

In 2010 Sos and Victoria Petrosyan gained a Guinness World Record on the French TV Show Le plus grand cabaret du monde in Paris - 19 costumes. Sos and Victoria have been awarded by the Magic Circle in Germany the "Best Writer of the Year 2010" for the books: "Women's Dress Transformation" Part 2 and "Men's Suit Transformation" Part 1 All the tricks and transformation costumes used in their performances have been developed by Sos.[1]

In 2011 they got to the semi-final of the German TV Show Das Supertalents. In 2012, they performed in at the "China International 'Great Wall' Magic Carnival" at Beijing, where 20 magicians, FISM winners, presented their dazzling performances in a theater for thousands of people, in a magical battle that lasted for three days. Sos and Victoria Petrosyan received the only Gold Medal for Stage Competition. There were also 2 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals.

In 2016, they auditioned for America's Got Talent (season 11), they got 4 yeses in the audition and made it through to the quarterfinal, but was sent home afterward.


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