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Born Catherine Sigaux
Rozay-en-Brie, Seine-et-Marne
Nationality French
Occupation actress, playwright, screenwriter, director, composer
Spouse(s) 1. Romain Bouteille
2. Patrick Dewaere

Sotha (born 1944) is a French actress, playwright, screenwriter, film & stage director, and composer. Her real name is Catherine Sigaux. She was one of the founders of the Café de la Gare where she acted and co-wrote many of the plays.[1]

She was twice married, both times to fellow actors from the Café de la Gare, first to Romain Bouteille, and then for 11 years to Patrick Dewaere. She is the daughter of novelist and journalist Gilbert Signaux.[2]

In 1981 Sotha published a novel in comic book format whose title roughly translates as "Look to the sky, it's going to rain."[3] In 2002, she wrote a play, Le Brave Soldat Chvéïk s'en va au Ciel (The Good Soldier Schweik goes to Heaven), based on the famous satirical novel The Good Soldier Švejk by the Czech writer Jaroslav Hašek.[2][4]






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