Sotis Volanis

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Sotis Volanis
Born (1971-02-20) February 20, 1971 (age 46)
Origin Akrolimni, Greece
Genres Laïko, Skiladiko
Occupation(s) Songwriter, Singer
Years active 2002-present
Labels Vasipap

Sotis Volanis (Greek: Σώτης Βολάνης, born in February 20, 1971) is a Greek singer. He was born in Akrolimni in Central Macedonia, Greece to Romani parents.[1][2]

He is best known for his 2002 success Poso Mou Leipei (i zesti ankalia sou) (Greek: Πόσο μου λείπει η ζεστή αγκαλιά σου), English How much I miss your warm hug.[3]

Due to his great success the song has been covered several times:

In 2010 Volanis admitted to suffer from alcoholism. Due to his introvert personality he started drinking but now is going to get over alcoholism, he said.[3] In 2014 Volanis stated that he cannot understand how it could have come so far.[4]


  • Papse lipon
  • Sotis Volanis - 2
  • Orkoi Agapis
  • Na M' Agapas
  • Tak tak
  • Panselinos
  • Po! Po! Po!
  • Agapise me
  • Poso se thelo [5]


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