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Country France
Source Kuttolsheim
Mouth Confluence with River Ill
 - location La Wantzenau, France
 - coordinates 48°38′22″N 7°47′33″E / 48.63944°N 7.79250°E / 48.63944; 7.79250Coordinates: 48°38′22″N 7°47′33″E / 48.63944°N 7.79250°E / 48.63944; 7.79250
Length 26 km (16 mi)

The Souffel (German: Suffel) is a river in Alsace, France. It rises near Kuttolsheim and joins the Ill river (a tributary of the Rhine), south of La Wantzenau after a course of 26 kilometres (16 mi).[1][2] It has given its name to two villages on its banks: Souffelweyersheim and Griesheim-sur-Souffel.[1] Tributaries of the Souffel are Haltbach, Plaetzerbach, Musaubach, Kolbsenbach[3] and Leisbach.[4] In 1815 the Battle of La Suffel was fought on its banks.