Souk Lahad

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Souk Lahad
Commune and town
Souk Lahad is located in Tunisia
Souk Lahad
Souk Lahad
Location in Tunisia
Coordinates: 33°47′17″N 8°47′35″E / 33.788°N 8.793°E / 33.788; 8.793Coordinates: 33°47′17″N 8°47′35″E / 33.788°N 8.793°E / 33.788; 8.793
Country  Tunisia
Governorate Kebili
Population (2014)
 • Total 18,983
Time zone CET (UTC+1)

Souk Lahad (Arabic: سوق الأحد‎‎ Sūq al Aḥad) is an oasis town and commune in the Kébili Governorate, Tunisia, about 15 kilometers northwest of the town of Kébili. It is located in the Nefzaoua region on the road from Kebili to Tozeur, just east of the point where the road begins its traversal of the Chott el-Jerid. It is the administrative seat of a delegation of the same name.

As suggested by its name—sūq al-aḥad means "Sunday market" in Arabic—the town developed as an agricultural community before light industry was introduced, as well as some tourism, with a luxury hotel.

As of 2004 Soul Lahad had a population of 18,285.[1]


Sign reading "Welcome to Souk Lahad" in Arabic and French"
Welcome sign on arrival at Souk Lahad, Tunisia, from Kebili. 
Monument with graffiti
Monument at eastern entry to Souk Lahad, Tunisia, with anti-Ben Ali graffiti. 
Statue towering over two men
Statue at the western entrance to Souk Lahad, Tunisia, depicting a local woman in traditional garb (here, seen from behind). 

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