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Boxxle Cover.jpg
Cover art (Game Boy)
Developer(s) Thinking Rabbit
Publisher(s) Fujisankei Communications International
Designer(s) Toshirou Inoue
Composer(s) Goro Takahashi[1]
Kenichi Tomizawa[1]
Series Boxxle
Platform(s) Game Boy
Game Gear
Release Game Boy: Game Gear:
December 15, 1990[3]
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player

Boxxle (倉庫番) is a multiplatform puzzle video game released by Fujisankei Communications International.

Its Japanese title is Soukoban. This video game is a Sokoban clone, with the plot being that the player must maneuver boxes in a warehouse in order to make enough money to woo his desired girlfriend. It had a sequel called Boxxle 2.


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