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Soul Ballet is a musical project of actor, producer, arranger, programmer, and multi-instrumentalist Rick Kelly "RK." Soul Ballet’s music is smooth contemporary jazz/electronica, characterized as pulsating electronic beats entwined with a dark, moody atmosphere.

Kelly is occasionally joined by a live rhythm section, as well as a series of guest vocalists, including Stefani Montiel, Annika, and Billy Valentine.[1]


  • Soul Ballet (November 5, 1996 Countdown)
  • Trip The Night Fantastic (June 23, 1998 Countdown)
  • Vibe Cinema (February 22, 2000 Countdown Records)[2]
  • Dial It In (February 26, 2002 Gold Circle Records)[3]
  • dream BEAT dream (August 10, 2004 215 Records)[4]
  • All The Pretty Lights Vol. 1 (June 7, 2005 215 Records)[5]
  • Lavish (September 11, 2007 Artizen)[6]
  • 2019 (August 4, 2009, NuGroove Records)[7]

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