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Cardiff City Soul Crew
Founding location Cardiff, Wales
Years active 1976–present
Territory Wales
Ethnicity Mostly Welsh
Membership (est.) 600-800
Criminal activities Football hooliganism and violent fighting
Allies Soul Crew

The Cardiff City Soul Crew (Commonly known as the Soul Crew) are a football hooligan firm, associated with the Welsh football club Cardiff City. Over the past decade the Soul Crew have become one of the biggest and most active football firms in the United Kingdom.[1]


The Soul Crew name was adopted by hooligan followers of Cardiff City in the 1986 and was suggested by a fan by the name of Nicky Parsons, who was later made an outcast due to being a white supremacist / racist. It comes from the small number of aspirant skinhead hooligans that had an enthusiasm for soul music. It was alleged that Don Cornelius, former host of the TV show Soul Train gave his blessings for the group to be known as The Soul Crew[2] They were featured in the 2002 documentary series, Hooligans on BBC.[3][4]

11 suspected members of the Soul Crew were detained before the start of an FA Cup replay against Reading at Ninian Park in February 1998. Riot police had to be drafted in at the end of the game to prevent further outbreaks of violence.[5]


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