Soul Discharge

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Soul Discharge
Japanese cover.
Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 1989 (1989-12)
Length28:43 (Selfish)
38:23 (Warner)
70:10 (Shimmy Disc)
LabelSelfish (JP)
WEA Japan (JP)
Shimmy Disc (US, Neth.)
Earthnoise (UK)
Boredoms chronology
Osorezan no Stooges Kyo
Soul Discharge
Michidai / Fuanteidai
Rerelease covers
Soul Discharge: 1999
Professional ratings
Review scores
The Rolling Stone Album Guide[3]
Spin Alternative Record Guide8/10[4]

Soul Discharge (ソウル・ディスチャージ) is a 1989 album by rock band Boredoms. It was named the 89th greatest album of the 1980s by Pitchfork on the site's 2002 list of the best albums of the decade.[5]

Track listing[edit]

Soul Discharge[edit]

Original Selfish Records LP release (1989)
Side 8
1."Bubblebop Shot"3:47
2."52 Boredom (Club Mix)"0:36
3."Sun, Gun, Run"2:47
4."Z & U & T & A"4:05
5."TV Scorpion"1:30
Side 96
1."Pow Wow Now"3:48
2."JB Dick + Tin Turner Pussy Badsmell"3:07
3."G.I.L. 77'"3:41
5."Catastro Mix 99'"2:53

Soul Discharge '99[edit]

Warner Music CD rerelease (1994)
1."Your Name Is Limitless"2:35
2."Bubblebop Shot"3:47
3."52 Boredom (Club mix)"0:36
4."Sun, Gun, Run"2:47
5."Z & U & T & A"4:05
6."TV Scorpion"1:30
7."Pow Wow Now"3:48
8."J.B. Dick + Tin Turner Pussy"3:07
9."G.I.L. '77"3:41
11."Catastro Mix '99"2:53
12."Milky Way"1:32
13."Songs Without Electric Guitars"0:52
14."Hamaiian Disco Bollocks"4:37
15."Hamaiian Disco Without Bollocks"0:04

Soul Discharge/Early Boredoms[edit]

Despite being a CD release, the songs are divided into only two tracks.

Shimmy Disc CD rerelease[6] (1989 in the US, 1991 in the Netherlands)
1."Soul Discharge" ("Bubblebop Shot" / "52 Boredom (Club Mix)" / "Sun, Gun, Run" / "Z & U & T & A" / "TV Scorpion" / "Pow Wow Now" / "J.B. Dick + Tin Turner Pussy Badsmell" / "G.I.L. '77" / "Jup-Na-Keeeeeel" / "Catastromix '99")28:46
2."Early Boredoms" ("Overdrive Asssoul" / "Okinawa in Hawaii on Saturn" / "Hairhole Burners" / "Ultramagnetyic Surfin' Bird" / "Boredomer in Boretribe" / "Nose Is My Gun" / "God from Anal" / "Jah Called AC/DC" / "Planet '75" / "Hey By Hey" / "We Are Punk / Monarchy and Testpoy" / "Don't Fall in the Audio Hole" / "We Never Sleep / Cosmic Full Sleep" / "Call Me God")41:24


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