Soul Embraced

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Soul Embraced
Origin Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Genres Christian metal,[1] death metal, alternative metal, Southern metal
Years active 1997-1998, 1999-present
Labels Solid State, Blood & Ink, Clenched Fist, Rottweiler
Associated acts Living Sacrifice, Evanescence, Kill System, Mourningside
Website Soul Embraced on Facebook
Members Rocky Gray
Chad Moore
Jon Dunn
Lance Garvin
Cody Smith
Past members Jack Wiese
Devin Castle
David Sroczynski
Ed Collins
Charlie West
Jeff Bowie

Soul Embraced is a Christian death metal band from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. It was originally a side project for Rocky Gray and David Sroczynski.


Originally a side project of drummer David Sroczynski and William "Rocky" Gray from Shredded Corpse formed in 1997, the band dissolved after creating one song for a metal compilation in 1998. Gray reformed the band with fellow Living Sacrifice member Lance Garvin (drums) and his brother in-law Chad Moore (vocals). When Gray and Garvin weren't busy with Living Sacrifice, they would hammer away with Charlie T. West at making material for their death metal side project. The band released an EP (The Fleshless EP), and three albums (For the Incomplete, This Is My Blood, Immune) over a five-year span. For the Incomplete was re-released in 2003 by the independent label Blood and Ink Records.[2] Evanescence's song "Tourniquet" is a cover of the Soul Embraced song "My Tourniquet". From 2003 to 2007, Gray was busy with Evanescence as their drummer as well as his numerous other bands. Gray said in an interview after the release of Immune that the band planned on releasing two to three more albums and in 2006 announced two new band members: Jack Wiese on guitar and Jeff Bowie on bass. In June 2007 Jack Wiese left the band to spend more time on his other projects, and he was replaced by Devin Castle (who is also in Mourningside with Gray, Bowie, and Wiese)

Soul Embraced released Dead Alive on April 29, 2008.

Soul Embraced stated on their Myspace that they "will continue with a new guitarist next year when we get ready to record the new record". After 10 years and three records Soul Embraced parted ways with Solid State Records on amicable terms.[3] Mythos was released on Rottweiler Records.[4]

In 2014, it was announced that former drummer, Lance Garvin, would be rejoining with the new line-up being, Rocky Gray (lead guitar), Chad Moore (vocals), Lance Garvin (Drums), Jon Dunn (bass), and Cody Smith (rhythm guitar).[5]

Band members[edit]

Current members
Name Instrument Years Other groups
Chad Moore lead vocals 1999–present Kill System, The Burning, Thy Pain
Cody Smith rhythm guitar 2012—present Abandon the Artifice
Jon Dunn bass guitar 2012–present Demon Hunter
Rocky Gray lead guitar, backing vocals, drums 1997-1998, 1999–present Evanescence, Solus Deus, Kill System, Living Sacrifice, The Burning, Thy Pain
Lance Garvin drums 1999–2008, 2014–present Living Sacrifice, Zao, Throwdown, Kill System
Former members
Name Instrument Years Other groups
Jack Wiese rhythm guitar 2006–2007 Mourningside, the.5th.element, Machina
Devin Castle rhythm guitar, backing vocals 2007–2009 The Vail, Mourningside
David Sroczynski drums 1997–1998 Shredded Corpse, Thy Pain
Charlie West rhythm guitar 1997-2001
Jeff Bowie bass 2006-2012 Descended from Wolves, Mourningside, Becoming Saints, Creepy Carnival
Ed Collins lead guitar 2010–2014
Touring musicians
Name Instrument Years Other groups
Arthur Green bass 2001-2006 Living Sacrifice, Eso-Charis, Elliot
John LeCompt rhythm guitar 2001-2006 Evanescence, Kill System, Mindrage, Machina
Session musicians
Name Instrument Years Other groups
Jeremiah Scott rhythm guitar 2013 The Showdown, Demon Hunter, Destroy Destroy Destroy


Studio albums
Year Title Label
2000 For the Incomplete[6] Clenched Fist Records
2002 This Is My Blood Solid State
2003 Immune
2008 Dead Alive
2013 Mythos Rottweiler Records
Other songs


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