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For the Angel episode, see Soul Purpose (Angel).
Soul Purpose
Editor Hamish Stevenson
Categories Christian
Frequency quarterly
Circulation 25,000
Publisher Soul Purpose
First issue 1997
Country  New Zealand
Language English

Soul Purpose is a Christian youth magazine, founded in 1998 by Hamish Stevenson and based in Wellington, New Zealand. Soul Purpose is published quarterly (usually seasonally), however this has often been a little intermittent due to cost restraints. Aimed at young people, the magazine looks to promote Christian values and morals, as well as promote Christian musicians, bands and writers.


Founded in 1996, Soul Purpose ran regular Outreach Events in inner-city Wellington venues. In 1998, Stevenson launched a free, faith-based youth magazine called Soul Purpose, aimed at young people and attempting to promote Christian values and morals.

The first issue of the Soul Purpose Magazine was in black and white, with 16 pages and a print run of just 500 copies. Within 18 months it grew to become the largest faith-based youth magazine in Australasia.

In 2005, after a 1½ year hiatus, Soul Purpose resumed printing the magazine. They re-designed the look and format and Soul Purpose quickly began printing and distributing quarterly again.

Aside from the magazine, Soul Purpose also manage a popular website which has all the contents of the printed magazine, as well as additional articles, music reviews and an interactive discussion forum.

Soul Purpose has had a strong link with many artists and writers over its time, none more so than Brooke Fraser. She wrote and worked for Soul Purpose from 2000 to 2003 as a writer and editor for the magazine.[1]


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