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When Soul Train creator Don Cornelius & his partner Dick Griffey launched Soul Train Records in 1975, they had one smashing group of their own called The Soul Train Gang. Their first album was Soul Train 75. The three hit singles from that album were "Soul Train 75", "Spectrum" and "Searching for Another Love". After that, a cool male quintet called The Whispers got signed to Soul Train Records. They made two hit singles: "In Love Forever" and "You're A Special Part of My Life".

In 1976, The Soul Train Gang made their second album titled The Soul Train Gang. The two hit singles from that album were "Oohcha" and "Soul Train Theme". In the same year, The Whispers made their first album for Soul Train Records titled One for the Money. The three hit singles from that album were "One for the Money", "Living Together (In Sin)" and "You're Only as Good (As You Think You Are)".

In 1977, Carrie Lucas, Sunbear and Shalamar got signed to Soul Train Records. "I Gotta Keep Dancing" and "Gotta Get Away From Your Love" were the two hit singles from Carrie Lucas's first album Simply Carrie. "Uptown Festival" became Shalamar's No. 1 hit single from their first album Uptown Festival. "Fantasy" became Sunbear's cool slow jam from their first album Sunbear. In 1977, amid disagreement with Griffey on the potential of the group Shalamar, Cornelius left and Griffey renamed Soul Train Records Solar Records.