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Studio album by Soulbender
Released May 22, 2004[1]
Recorded 2003 / 2014
Genre Heavy metal
Length 48:58
Label Licking Lava Records
Rat Pak Records
Producer Eric Janko and Soulbender

Soulbender is the only studio album by the American metal band of the same name. Originally released in 2004, it was re-released with additional recordings in 2014.

Background and recording[edit]

Soulbender features Michael Wilton, longtime guitarist for Queensrÿche, and Nick Pollock, former vocalist of My Sister's Machine. The album was recorded at three different studios in Washington: Triad (drums and bass), which also mixed the album, Watershed (guitars), and Slow Time (vocals).[2] This album was co-produced by the band themselves and engineer Eric Janko.[2] It was mastered by Eddy Schreyer,[2] who has worked with artists such as Alice in Chains and Slipknot.[3]

Release and reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating 7.5/10 stars [4]
Jukebox Metal (Soulbender II) 3.5/5 stars[5]
Melodic (Soulbender) 3/5 stars[6]
Metal Temple (Soulbender II) 7/10 stars[7]

The album was independently released through Licking Lava Records on May 22, 2004.[1] Steve Newton of The Georgia Straight has described the music on this album being "a tad darker than either of those bands (Queensrÿche and My Sister's Machine) are noted for."[8] Sefany Jones, a contributing editor of KNAC, listed the album among her Top 15 albums of 2004; it came in at Number Two.[9]


In 2014, reported that the band were planning to release Soulbender II, containing four new songs and remasters of all tracks on Soulbender, through Rat Pak Records.[10] The album also included updated cover art. Tony Sison of The Dedicated Rocker Society hailed Soulbender II as a "balls to the wall recording from start to finish."[11]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Soulbender.[2]

No. Title Length
1. "Fix Me" 4:40
2. "Clockwork and Compass" 3:34
3. "Rabbit Hole" 4:32
4. "The American Dream" 6:43
5. "Samsara" 3:06
6. "Prime Time" 3:24
7. "Shoot Poem" 6:20
8. "This Ocean" 4:07
9. "Hunger" 5:33
10. "Three Towers" 6:59
Soulbender II bonus tracks
No. Title Length
1. "Turn Anger Up" 3:27
2. "Shoal" 6:31
3. "Slave To Reality" 3:35
4. "Seraphim" 6:36



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