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Compilation album by DJ Cam
Released 2002
DJ Cam chronology
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Fillet Of Soul
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Soulshine, released in 2002, is the 11th album released by French DJ and recording artist DJ Cam.

Soulshine marks a departure from DJ Cam's regular sound, however the tracks still feature his trademark mix of hip-hop and jazz elements. As a whole, Soulshine is a cohesive collection of relaxed, lounge-type music. The jazzy, vibrant melodies (that incorporate for example flutes) are put on top of hard hitting, steady beats.

Soulshine features visits from such American rappers as Afu-Ra & Gang Starr's Guru (credited as Baldheaded Slick). The album features some female vocalists: the light, jazzy opening track Summer in Paris features Indonesian singer/songwriter Anggun.

The album was preceded by Honeymoon in 2001 and followed by the LP Liquid Hiphop in 2004.

Track list[edit]

  1. Summer in Paris (feat. Anggun)
  2. Welcome To Soulshine
  3. Love Junkie
  4. For Aaliyah
  5. Condor
  6. To Be Continued
  7. Child's Play
  8. The Snow
  9. Bounce
  10. Soulshine
  11. 3/4 Interlude
  12. He's Gone
  13. Afu Ra Interlude
  14. Voodoo Child
  15. Elevation