Soum Province

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Location in Burkina Faso
Location in Burkina Faso
Provincial map of its departments
Provincial map of its departments
Country  Burkina Faso
Region Sahel Region
Capital Djibo
 • Total 12,222 km2 (4,719 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 348,341
 • Density 29/km2 (74/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+0 (GMT 0)

Soum is one of the 45 provinces of Burkina Faso, located in its Sahel Region.

Its capital is Djibo.


Soum is divided into 9 departments:

The Departments of Oudalan
Department Capital city Population
(Census 2006)[1]
Arbinda Department Arbinda 90,735
Baraboule Department Baraboule 30,209
Diguel Department Diguel 9,055
Djibo Department Djibo 60,599
Kelbo Department Kelbo 24,446
Koutougou Department Koutougou 18,719
Nassoumbou Department Nassamfou 20,222
Pobe-Mengao Department Pobe-Mengao 23,692
Tongomayel Department Tongomayel 70,665

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Coordinates: 14°06′N 1°38′W / 14.100°N 1.633°W / 14.100; -1.633