Soum de Ramond

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Soum de Ramond / Pico de Añisclo
Macizo perdido.jpg
Las Tres Sorores from the head of the Ordesa Valley. Cilindro de Marboré, Monte Perdido and Soum de Ramond (left to right)
Highest point
Elevation 3,263 m (10,705 ft)
Prominence 88 metres (289 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Aragon
Coordinates 42°40′14″N 0°02′30″E / 42.67056°N 0.04167°E / 42.67056; 0.04167Coordinates: 42°40′14″N 0°02′30″E / 42.67056°N 0.04167°E / 42.67056; 0.04167
Soum de Ramond / Pico de Añisclo is located in Pyrenees
Soum de Ramond / Pico de Añisclo
Soum de Ramond / Pico de Añisclo
Location in the Pyrenees
Location Huesca, Spain
Parent range Pyrenees
Mountain type Limestone
Easiest route F, from the Añisclo col

Soum de Ramond, also known as Pico de Añisclo[1] in Spanish and Aragonese, is a mountain of 3,263 metres in the Monte Perdido massif in the Aragonese Pyrenees in northern Spain. It is one of the three mountains comprising Las Tres Sorores, the others being Monte Perdido (3,355 m) and Cilindro de Marboré (3,328 m).[2]

The mountain lies between the Ordesa Valley, the Añisclo Canyon and the Pineta Valley, inside the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. The Aragonese name "Pico Anyisclo" originates from the eponymous valley in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Later on, the mountain was named "Soum de Ramond" after Louis Ramond de Carbonnières, the French politician, geologist and botanist.

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