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Soumya (Sanskrit: सौम्य), is an Indian given name. In Eastern India, it is given to males, and its meaning is 'born of Soma'. Soma is Chandra and Soumya therefore means Budha who is said to be the son of Chandra. But Soumya also means Shubhagrahas or benefics as opposed to Papagrahas or malefic.[1]

In Kannada Soumya means "The Regent of Mercury and son of the Moon.[3]

In Bengali Soumya সৌম্য means a mentally calm or placid or balanced; beautiful, majestic, dignified, unruffled.[4]

Soumya is among the "Shiva Sahasranama" – 1008 Names of Lord Shiva in Shiva Sahasranama Stotram Shiva Purana, Kotirudra Samhita (Book IV), Chapter 35, 1-133[5][6]

Soumya is one of the nine regions of Bharatavarsha according to the Brahma Purana.[7] The names of eight of these regions are Indradvipa, Kaserumana, Tamraparna, Gabhastimana, Nagadvipa, Soumya, Gandharva and Varuna.[8][9]

Soumya is one of the Vasara (days of the week) Wednesday: Soumya Vasara[10]

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