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Original author(s) Norman Franke
Initial release 1993
Stable release
2.7.3 / 2000-11-13
Operating system System 7, Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9
Platform PowerPC and 68k
Available in English, with ports to Japanese, French, Dutch, Italian and German
Type Audio player and converter
License Freeware

SoundApp is a freeware audio player for the Classic Mac OS. It was among the earliest MP3 players for the Classic Mac OS, and was widely praised for its ability to play back, and convert between, a variety of audio file formats.

The program appears to have been abandoned by its creator, Norman Franke, after the release of SoundApp 2.7.3. Franke's reasons for abandoning the project have never been made public, and SoundApp has never been ported to Mac OS X.

Another developer has begun a version for Mac OS X, "SoundApp Reborn",[1] but this project does not use any of Franke's original code.


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