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"Sound" is a song written by Jim Glennie, Larry Gott, Tim Booth and was the first single taken from Seven, the fourth studio album by the Manchester band James.

Released in November 1991, it reached #9 in the UK Singles Chart, the second of the group's three top 10 hits to date. Apart from "Sit Down", "Sound" is the band's only entry into the top 30 of the Irish singles chart.

Clocking in at over six and a half minutes on the album, the song was shortened considerably for the single version.

The CD release featured both the album and the single version, along with a dub remix of "Come Home" and an original song called "All My Sons".

UK 7" single (1991)[edit]

  1. Sound (7" edit) 4:04
  2. Come Home (Youth Pressure Dub Mix) 5:14
  3. All My Sons 1:52
  4. Sound (Full Version) 6:40