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Sound Forge
Sound Forge 8
Developer(s)Magix Software GmbH
Stable release
14 Sound Forge Pro April 2020[1]
15 Sound Forge Audio Studio February 2021[2] / February 1, 2021; 16 months ago (2021-02-01)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, macOS
TypeDigital audio editor
WebsiteSound Forge: Family page

Sound Forge (formerly known as Sonic Foundry Sound Forge,[3] and later as Sony Sound Forge[4]) is a digital audio editing suite by Magix Software GmbH, which is aimed at the professional and semi-professional markets. There are two versions of Sound Forge: Sound Forge Pro 12 released in April 2018[5] and Sound Forge Audio Studio 13 (formerly known as Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge LE) released in January 2019.[6] Both are well known digital audio editors and offer recording, audio editing, audio mastering and processing.

In 2003, Sonic Foundry, the former parent company of Sound Forge, faced losses and tough competition from much larger companies; and, as a result, agreed to sell its desktop audio and music production product family to Sony Pictures Digital for $18 million.[7] The software initially had Windows 3.x support, but after version 3.0 all support for 16-bit Windows was dropped. Additionally, Windows 95 support was dropped after Sound Forge 5.0.

On May 20, 2016 Sony announced that it would be selling the bulk of its creative software suite, including Sound Forge Pro, to Magix GmbH & Co. Magix announced via Facebook that their first new version of Sound Forge Audio Studio (Sound Forge Audio Studio 12) was released August 2017.[8]


Supported formats[edit]

(i): Supported multichannel format

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