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Sound Of Gospel Records
Parent company Nine Records
Founded 1969
Founder Armen Boladian
Status active
Distributor(s) Nine Records
Genre Gospel
Country of origin United States
Location Detroit, Michigan

Sound of Gospel Records was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1969 by Armen Boladian. It is a gospel subsidiary record label of Westbound Records, where Boladian was also its former president.

His extended foray into gospel music is given a brief footnote in the story, and Sound of Gospel is not even mentioned by name, but it should have been. Many great artists, including the Clark Sisters, Mattie Moss Clark, Voices of Tabernacle, Jerry Q. Parries, Thomas Whitfield, the St. James Choir and others have had Sound of Gospel releases.

Sound of Gospel had signed up well known gospel music acts like Mattie Moss Clark, The Clark Sisters, Yolanda Adams, the late Thomas Whitfield, and the Late Rev. James Moore. Throughout its history, Sound of Gospel had added a lot of other artists like Esther Smith, the Youth IV Christ Fellowship Mass Choir, etc.

Well known Pastor and church organist, the late Rev. Charles Nicks, Jr. along with the St. James Adult Choir also had signed up with the label, and had released a few albums like Hold Back the Night, and more.

Artist roster (Past and Present)[edit]

This is a list of artists, past and present, who have recorded albums for Sound Of Gospel Records over the past few decades

Hit Songs[edit]

This is a list of one of the songs that was made into a national hit on Sound of Gospel Records.

  • You Brought The Sunshine Into My Life - The Clark Sisters

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