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Sound of Hope
Traditional Chinese 希望之聲
Simplified Chinese 希望之声

Sound of Hope (SOH) is a global, non-profit provider of radio news, news analysis, lifestyle and cultural programming. SOH was established in June 2003 by a group of hi-tech engineers in Silicon Valley who were also Falun Gong practitioners, in an effort to create a Chinese-language media that is independent of the pressure or influence from Chinese government. Over the time it transitioned itself into the first Chinese public radio network broadcasting through FM/AM/shortwave stations, mobile apps and web streaming, providing news and information that is relevant to local Chinese communities it reaches. It now has operating teams spread across North America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

SOH Network radio programmes are primarily in Chinese varieties (Mandarin and Cantonese).

SOH has two main operational arms. One serves US and other overseas Chinese communities through FM/AM and mobile apps. Another serves China through shortwave radio broadcasting.

The US/overseas broadcasting started in 2003 and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in the United States. In San Francisco Bay Area, SOH broadcasts through KSQQ FM 96.1, KVTO AM 1400 and KQEB-LP FM 96.9 and has grown to be the largest Chinese radio in the region, providing news, music and information that is pertaining to daily life of local expatriate Chinese during peak commute hours. Its news covers a range of major issues that are of particular concern to local Chinese listeners, such as SCA-5 debate, California drought, Bay Area city redevelopment, election participation and civic engagement, etc., while the other shows range from health, gardening, car, to kids education, personal finance and home improvement, etc. SOH also provides its programs to a group of local Chinese public radios across US.

SOH tries to establish itself as the bridge that connects largely self-enclosed Chinese communities to mainstream America. It is the only Chinese radio which conducts regular English-language interviews during which the hosts translate the content on-the-fly to Chinese language. Call-ins are handled in the reverse way. Its flagship programs are Engage America, Wealth Talk, Car Talk, Garden Talk, and Home Improvement, Legal Talk and Weekly News Magazine.

The China broadcasting started in January 2004 which includes around-the-clock broadcasting through shortwave to mainland China, delivering daily news, interviews and commentaries related to China. It positions itself as the uncensored and independent alternative to Chinese government's controlled medias and covers a wide range of topics on dislocated residents, environment pollution, food safety and human rights issues.

The two arms each has its own website to serve overseas Chinese and China mainly. It has also an Apple and Android app which can be found and installed freely by searching "SOH" in Apple Store and Google Play.


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